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Why Automate With Esker?

Order management bottlenecks pose a serious threat to productivity, customer experience and your company’s overall success. Fortunately, Esker’s AI-driven automated order management system enables users to digitally process and track any order, in any channel or format, through one intuitive cloud-based interface.


  • Faster Order FulfillmentAI technology optimizes staff productivity while ensuring the right order gets to the right customer at the right time.
  • Data-Driven Decision MakingOverseeing order management is easy thanks to real-time access to KPIs, performance trends, items analytics & more.
  • Improved Customer ExperienceBe the company customers trust — one that’s transparent & proactive, meets SLAs, & offers self-service tools.
“Accelerating order entry has allowed more time for order follow-up activities, which provide real value to customers and more fulfillment for our team.″
Marcela Castillo Ugalde | Regional Business Process Owner


Esker’s no stranger to the automated order processing game. In fact, we’ve been leading the way for decades, providing our customers with innovative and intuitive tools to fuel digital transformation and positive-sum growth such as:

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    Triage orders from customer emails received in the customer service shared inbox, using AI-powered classification and routing.


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    Eliminate inefficiencies such as incorrect shipments, pulling orders from customer portals and more by optimizing data recognition with Esker’s combination of AI and RPA tech.

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    Enable your customers to easily place and track orders directly or from their e-procurement application thanks to Esker’s convenient e-commerce website. The Esker Anywhere™ mobile app also lets your customers and sales teams perform these tasks while on the go. 

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    Handle EDI exceptions without IT hassle thanks to the same business rules applying to all orders, and simplify setup of EDI connections with partners or networks with Esker EDI Services.

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    Using live connection via web services, check prices/availability when automating order creation in the ERP and deliver confirmations and ship notices back from the ERP to customers. Esker supports any ERP and has standard connectors for SAP® and Oracle® EBS.

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    Clarify orders before fulfilling them via tracked conversations directly on the order. Include customers, as well as employees in sales, logistics or credit departments!



You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Thanks to Esker’s customizable dashboards, customer service and supply chain leaders are always in the loop — even while on the go — thanks to powerful analytics never more than a click away.

Compliance concerns? Esker has you covered. A full audit trail of every touch point within order management is retained so that full transparency and accountability is ensured during the process of checks and validations.


Esker’s Order Management solution allows you to take the next step toward digital optimization — transitioning from a data entry focus to one of real, actual customer service. By freeing up time for upselling, relationship-building and other value-added activities, your business benefits from the:

  • Elimination of order backlogs from one day to the next
  • Free up time for upselling and more strategic activities
  • Opportunity to provide meaningful work and career-pathing opportunities
  • Ability to attract and retain more Millennial and Gen Z workers


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Order Management solutions increase employee productivity?

Traditional order management often involves CSRs spending their time on manual tasks (e.g., entering order data into the ERP, tracking down orders, printing and collecting documents, etc.). Not with Esker. Our AI-driven solution takes care of all those repetitive, low-value admin activities so that CSRs and other team members are free to focus on cross-selling, upselling, problem solving, customer relationship building, etc.

What advantages will I see with an Order Management solution?

Following implementation, users can expect to see a number of transformational benefits. From an operational standpoint, this often translates to faster order processing times, cost savings, simplified IT environment, and enhanced visibility and control over orders (just to name a few). For your customers and staff, it can mean greater collaboration and overall satisfaction. Lastly, for business, Order Processing ultimately can lead to more business opportunities, expansion into new markets, and strengthened global security and compliance.

Does order management software integrate with all ERPs?

Yes! To date, Esker has over 70 unique ERP or home-grown solutions. Our ERP connectivity suite can automate a variety of complex business processes across different departments.

Does an order management solution replace my ERP system?

No! An Order Management solution is not designed to replace ERPs; rather, the solution works alongside whatever system or systems currently in place to fill in the manual gaps most conventional ERPs can’t handle. This helps orders get processed faster and more accurately, while also helping your company maximize its ERP investment.

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