AI-Powered Order Data Capture

Extracting key data from customer orders with super-human speed & accuracy

Esker's experience & results

Through Esker’s Order Management software solution:

  • 91.66%

    data entry reduced
    last month

  • 2.59M

    orders were automated
    last month

  • 400+

    customers are automating
    their orders

The big problem

Handling an infinite number of layouts

Let’s address the elephant in the room: If you allow customers to order any way they want (vs. forcing them to use your ordering portal, EDI format, editable PDF, etc.), the data will never be in the same location on the customer documents. Each customer will most likely use a different template and, even for a given customer, chances are that users from different departments and entities will also use different templates.

Doing the math, you end up with a big number and thus a big challenge. What’s more, your customers can change their templates at any time. Simply throwing people at the problem is not very rewarding work and also not a great use of their time for your company.

Thankfully, Esker started tackling this problem over 20 years ago and gradually came up with market-leading, AI-powered order data capture technology.


“One of the strengths of Esker's automated order management solution is to naturally solve all the complexity of receiving thousands of orders in different formats and with a myriad of different characteristics and particularities.”

Gervasio Prieto, Head of Sales, CAPSA Food

Esker Synergy AI

Managing the hard stuff so you don’t have to

Esker Synergy AI captures the key data from customer orders, no matter their channel, format or layout. After extracting the characters directly from text-based documents or with OCR engines from image-based documents, it’s able to interpret this raw data and fill in the data both at the header and line item level. Using the following three layers of technology, Esker Synergy is able to provide the best results in the market:

  • Deep learning recognition

    to extract data from orders seen from the first time, leveraging a neural network trained on thousands of orders

  • Machine learning technology

    to automatically and transparently learn from user corrections and gradually increase the recognition rates.

  • Teaching

    to explicitly define the recognition criteria for specific recurring orders.

"We have stopped manually entering our orders and we’ve seen a huge improvement in both quality and efficiency. It’s been life changing.”

María Jose Ortiz, Food Channel Manager, Customer Service, Suntory Beverage & Food Spain

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"Esker has been a real game changer for Stelrad with its AI technology and automation."

Cherie Bradford, Customer Service Manage,Stelrad

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Our AI philosophy

Helping CSRs provide efficient, effective service

Esker Synergy wasn’t designed to be simply a “black box” that extracts and hoards data. To ensure that only qualitative data is entered in the ERP system and the order management solution is able to perform its primary function (i.e., empowering CSRs to provide better service), the extracted order data is verified in the following ways:

  • Automatically against the ERP reference data at the header & line item level (customer, shipping address, products, etc.)
  • Using historical data to detect unusual quantities & alert CSRs
  • CSRs can easily review the original order image & extracted order data displayed side-by-side
  • CSRs can also easily collaborate both internally & with customers to clarify orders before creating them in the ERP

“We’ve been able to slash the processing time for repeat orders from 5 minutes to 5 seconds.”

Angela Garceau, Senior Director of Business Operations, NVIDIA Corporation

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“Touchless” processing

Realizing automation’s fullest potential

By pushing automation to its maximum, you can process orders without touching them before they are ready to be fulfilled in your ERP system. But let’s be realistic: Promising 100% of your orders will be processed 100% touchless, might sound too good to be true given the variety of layouts and formats and/or because some orders have inconsistent data in them (total not adding up, obsolete part numbers, invalid unit of measures, etc.).

Fortunately, with Esker, you can go fully automatic when it makes sense and enable it for specific customers or channels, while benefiting from safeguards to prevent automatic ERP posting in case of failed data checks.

  • -72%

    Reduced manual order processing errors

  • 74%

    of orders fully automated with no changes required

Leveraging AI in Customer Service

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