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Esker's Digital Documents BPO solution handles all your order and invoice data processing and validation so staff can focus on your core business — instead of repetitive, low-value tasks. 

  • Reduce costs
  • Low error rates
  • Save time
  • Higher satisfaction

“Within no time at all, we had access to a comprehensive infrastructure for a fraction of the cost if we had built one ourselves.”

Head of E-Business and Internal Sales —  Vaillant Group

How it works

All incoming orders and invoices (PDF, email, fax, etc.) are 100% handled by Esker EDI Services (data extraction and validation). All validated documents are processed in the desired format and you get perfect EDI files that integrate flawlessly in your ERP system. The process is transparent for your customers, who can continue to place their orders in the format they wish, while you benefit from the advantages EDI delivers.


Save on document processing costs
Extremly low error rate
Speed up document processing

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