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Esker Synergy AI

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Esker Synergy AI — the set of technologies powering Esker’s Customer Service suite of solutions — assists in automating routine, manual and error-prone tasks so the Customer Service (CS) team can focus on making customers happy and keeping them coming back. Some of the transformational features AI delivers to CS teams include:

  • Data classification

    CS teams can instantly categorize customer inquiries thanks to the NLP algorithms working behind the scenes to analyze email content

  • Data recognition

    Orders and claims can be processed much faster thanks to automatic data extraction driven by machine and deep learning technology

  • Prescriptive analytics

    Process priority orders as soon as they arrive and prevent orders from being filled incorrectly thanks to k-nearest neighbors (KNN) machine learning AI that detects anomalies corresponding to unusual quantities.


Artificial + human intelligence:
the winning combination

Making use of AI doesn’t mean replacing humans with robots and algorithms, but instead profiting from the best of both worlds where humans and algorithms interact. By replacing tasks that are repetitive and susceptible to mistakes with intelligent automation, the CS team can focus on what matters most: interacting with other humans again.




“Esker Synergy AI has not only automated our order management process, but has also enhanced the skills of our Customer Service team by making it easier for them to focus on customer needs and experience.”

Andrea Zoppi, CFO and member of Board of Directors, Siemens Healthineers

Automated inquiry classification

Clean up your team’s shared inbox

Shared Customer Service inboxes tend to fill up quickly — from quotes and availability requests to orders status requests and claims. Classifying and routing these requests is essential to keeping customers happy. Esker Synergy takes care of the actual “cleaning” of the shared inbox so CSRs don’t have to. NLP algorithms instantly analyze the content of incoming emails, categorizing and assigning them to the appropriate person or service.


AI-generated answers

Leverage ChatGPT to answer inquiries

Respond to customers quicker and more efficiently thanks to ChatGPT! AI-generated answers are automatically recommended to CSRs who review, edit if needed, and respond to the customer directly. Built into Esker’s solution, ChatGPT provides Customer Service professionals with an additional resource to efficiently handle customer inquiries such as order status, availability, pricing requests and product information questions.


Goodbye order data entry, hello AI-driven efficiency

Although no one likes to manually key order data into the ERP, CSRs can spend as much as 50% of their day doing it. Esker Synergy leverages both machine- and deep-learning technology to automatically capture data, regardless of order layout or format, while continuously improving efficiency over time, based on user corrections. The end result is less tedious tasks for CS, fewer data entry errors and more time to improve the quality of service.


Priority order identification

Pinpoint & process urgent orders without delay

Distinguishing priority orders as they arrive is virtually impossible in a manual order process. That’s why Esker Synergy makes it easy for CSRs by analyzing incoming order content and identifying their priority regardless of channel. They are separated by requested products and/or delivery dates and ready for validation so that they can be sent to the ERP and processed as quickly as possible.


Stop delivering unwanted product quantities

Delivering and returning unwanted products mistakenly ordered by customers impacts both your costs and their customer experience. Esker Synergy identifies unusual quantities in incoming orders, including EDI, by analyzing historical order data, taking into account different units of measure. This not only prevents incorrectly fulfilled orders, but also extra delivery and return costs.


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