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Turn your AP department into a profit center

Esker’s Accounts Payable automation software allows businesses to eliminate the pains of manual AP invoice processing thanks to AI-driven data capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities. The end result? A simpler, more efficient, and highly visible way to manage cash flow and generate new revenue.


  • Supplier Info Management
    Benefit from an integrated view of AP & P2P data with actionable workflow that optimizes onboarding & strategic decision making.
  • AP Invoicing Automation
    Reduce the effort needed to achieve AP invoicing goals, including: cost reduction, invoice visibility, improved cash management & more.
  • Expense Management
    Automate & optimize a notoriously admin-heavy process via mobile approval tools, improved expense policy compliance & more.



Case study
40% Faster
HEINEKEN China reduced invoice processing time by 40 percent with Esker's Accounts Payable solution.
“Our AP process has significantly improved since implementing Esker. Our procurement operation business no longer worries about payment delays, reduced efficiency or supplier complaints.”
Purchasing Manager | HEINEKEN China
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Esker makes running a best-in-class AP operation a reality thanks to our decades of industry expertise and dedication to providing customers with leading-edge solutions in order to:

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    With Esker, every PO and non-PO invoice posting — regardless of format — is entered into an electronic workflow. After our AI bots extract the correct data for verification, it’s presented for approval (or auto-approved when no exception is detected) and auto-archived for anytime access.

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    From dashboard KPIs and invoice analytics to performance monitoring and mobile capabilities, Esker users have the luxury of tapping into a treasure trove of data anytime, anywhere in order to make every action smarter and more strategic.

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    Esker allows AP users to unify their workflow even in multiple ERP instances, leading to: anytime, anywhere access; simplified training and higher user acceptance; support for setup of shared services; and approval by non-ERP users.

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    Being an Esker user means being a company that’s trusted by your suppliers to consistently deliver accurate, on-time payments. With every invoice processed electronically and critical data only a click away, preserving a supplier-friendly reputation is made easy.



On the go? Use Esker Anywhere

Esker’s mobile requisition and invoice approval application allows you to:

  • Easily approve invoices and purchase requisitions anytime, anywhere.
  • Quickly resolve exceptions and approvals to improve supplier relationships.
  • Increase P2P efficiency thanks to fewer slowdowns and faster approvals.
  • Track key metrics while on the go via customizable dashboards.


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Multi-channel invoice automation

Esker's multi-channel solution lets you process invoices in any format and from any input channel, whether received by mail, email, fax or EDI. By turning a machine-readable EDI invoice into a human-readable version, you can now apply standard AP processes to EDI invoices as well.

  • Access EDI invoices as PDFs from your ERP system
  • Eliminate the need for IT support to resolve EDI issues
  • Increase “touchless” processing rates for EDI invoices
  • Enhance invoice visibility across all formats and reception channels

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Ensuring AP tax compliance

Keeping up with changing regulations is tricky and managing suppliers across borders adds even more complexity. Esker's AP e-invoicing solution delivers compliant, paperless invoice processing on a global scale. Archived invoices are kept secure for as long as the local authorities' laws dictate.

Empower your team members with actionable data

Intelligent dashboards with packaged KPIs allow accounts payable workflow users to customize what AP-related metrics are displayed on their interface. This allows every action — from performing daily tasks to monitoring budgets — to be more strategic and value-added.

  • Real-time business trends in easy-to-read charts and reports
  • Personalized user workspace with unlimited capacity
  • Simplified global management of AP shared services centers
  • Daily metrics that matter to each user
  • Data available on the go


Accounts Payable Software Dashboard
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