Customer Success Stories: Order Management

Dan Rogney


It’s a tale as old as time. As a business grows, so does the volume of customer orders coming through its doors. But this success is often a double-edged sword for B2B Customer Service (CS) teams.

Manually entering hundreds of orders each day. No ability to prioritize tasks or pull reports. Stacks of paper everywhere. This is the reality for B2B CS teams who lack a centralized digital solution to house all the orders coming into the department from different channels and in various formats.

But what does this automated alternative look like and how does it work? More so, what type of results should be expected — is the juice worth the squeeze? These Esker customers have thoughts on the matter with results like:

  • Freeing up CS team members for more fulfilling, value-added activities
  • Rapidly onboarding new employees via intuitive & user-friendly solution features
  • Increasing auto-learning rates to improve processing speed & accuracy over time
  • Enhancing the ability to monitor individual & team performances

Ready to rewrite your order management story? Hear how Esker’s AI-powered solution is used by companies of various sizes and industries to transform the DNA of their CS teams and deliver eye-popping results to their companies.

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Dan Rogney

As Esker’s Senior Copywriter, Dan plays a central role in creating thought-provoking marketing content designed to educate and engage audiences on the benefits of document process automation. When he’s not writing, you’re likely to find him poring over a good book, shamelessly playing with his daughter’s toys, or Googling the best ways to remove cat hair from clothing.

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