Esker On Air S3 E1: Supply Chain Trends & Bolstering Working Capital


In case you haven’t noticed, supply chains have been struggling (hard) to keep up with current demand in a pandemic-era business landscape. And when it comes to strengthening these supply chains and remaining competitive in any industry, the key ingredient is a healthy working capital. However, improving working capital is a lot easier said than done. So, we decided to talk to a supply chain expert and valued Esker partner to get the inside scoop.

In the S3 Episode 1 of Esker On Air, host Scott Leahy chats with Vikas Shah, Supply Chain Finance Executive Leader at LSQ, and Dan Reeve, Director of Sales here at Esker, about current and future trends in in the supply chain sector and ways to improve working capital within procurement and receivables.

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As a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation software, Esker helps financial and customer service departments digitally transform their purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles. Founded in 1985, Esker operates in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific with global headquarters in Lyon, France, and U.S. headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

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