How to Reduce Payment Fraud, Overhead & DSO with Modern AR Technology

Taylor Bucher

Fifteen years ago, over 65% of U.S. payments were made by check. This has dropped to around 33%, but check usage remains high in certain industries like wholesale distribution, where it exceeds 60%. These sectors serve small subcontractors, medical offices and retail shops that rely on the 'float' from mailing checks to vendors or bank lockboxes. This practice leads to increased fraud risk, higher overhead and longer Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

In this episode of Esker On Air, host Scott Leahy talks with Jason Murante, who has spent the last 15 years helping organizations across the spectrum of vertical and revenue, to helping t identify areas of opportunity by deploying alternative methods and technologies to better manage AR, invoicing and cash application. Listen now to explore ways to mitigate these issues by leveraging modern AR platforms with AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT. These technologies can reduce fraud, cut operating costs, speed up cash collection, and improve employee morale, retention, and customer satisfaction.

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Taylor Bucher

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