Customer Success Stories: Accounts Receivable

Taylor Bucher

Accounts receivable is no longer some back-office afterthought. In a time of significant change and challenge, companies are looking to their AR departments to secure revenue and fortify critical customer relationships. The ones tasked with carrying out these imperatives are often struggling to keep up with customer inquiries and chasing down payments, making fulfilling work nearly impossible.

Automated solutions do all the above, helping AR employees make more of an impact, with fewer obstacles, and with a greater sense of dignity and value. By leveraging AI-driven automation, you’re putting your AR staff first by making their jobs easier and providing more opportunities for meaningful work, all while helping to cultivate a more agile, efficient and cost-effective AR function.  

These Esker customers have a lot to say about their AR automation journey. Watch the video and hear firsthand how they’ve benefited from:

  • The ability to change languages to easily do business with global companies
  • Easy implementation and ERP integration that doesn’t require IT involvement
  • Personalized dashboards for each user that clearly lay out what needs to be done
  • Drastically reduced DSO, resulting in an instant improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Esker’s hands-on customer support and the ability to change and adapt the platform as needed
  • Simplified customer onboarding and easy access to invoices with Esker’s self-service portal

Interested in achieving these kinds of game-changing results? Hear how Esker Accounts Receivable is helping real companies boost employee morale, improve DSO and become more agile and resilient to handle any AR challenge.

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Taylor Bucher

As a Copywriter at Esker, Taylor uses her creative writing experience to write engaging marketing content that educates audiences on the benefits of automated business processes. If she’s not in the office, you’ll most likely find her exploring hiking trails, guessing the breeds of dogs she sees on the street and then asking the owner to see if she’s right, or catching a concert at a local music venue.

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