Exciting Things Happening in HR at Esker (Yes, HR is Exciting!)

Michelle Venturini

I was fortunate to join Esker in December 2020 as the Director of Human Resources. Employees — or “Eskerians,” as we’re fond of calling ourselves — remain at the core of what makes Esker the unique and rewarding business that it is.

At Esker, HR programs and benefits are put in place to provide a work experience that is rewarding, satisfying and supportive of the business. By doing so, we embody Esker’s unique philosophies that guide us, otherwise known as the Esker Ethos. These include: Good Vibes Only; Dare to Innovate, Initiate and Iterate; One Team Beyond Boundaries; More Gratitude, Less Attitude; and All Actions Toward Satisfaction.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 has been a busy and rewarding year, with much more to come. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Recruiting! Recruiting! Recruiting! Did I mention recruiting?!? Holy smokes, we’ve been busy. Esker hired 62 people from March 2020-March 2021. Without breaking stride, we also revamped our recruiting procedures to make better use of technology. The employee referral program got a facelift and we’ll be hosting our first virtual career fair this month.
  • Culture Growth. I’m a culture geek, nerd, advocate, promoter — whatever adjective you want to use that means “believes culture is the most important business advantage available” — will fit. Esker’s culture is alive and well and makes working here a dream. “Eskuads,” which are cross-functional and self-lead work teams focused on specific topics, were introduced in 2021. The first three Eskuads are up and running and have a lot of momentum for creating programs that will further grow Esker’s culture.
  • Training & Policy Updates. We also addressed several critical items, including a roll out of Sexual Harassment training, updating policies, upgrading the Open Enrollment experience, and reviewing compensation. These aren’t the most exciting, but they’re necessary and important.

Like all employers, Esker has had to respond to the constant changes and challenges associated with COVID-19. We’ve gone from having a date when we’d be back in the office to, “Hold that, Delta is derailing our plans.” Employee and customer safety is always the top priority. Hopefully we’ll be able to resume those face-to-face meetings and tradeshows soon. We miss seeing our customers (and each other)!

2022 is going to bring new opportunities and challenges! Among the items on the HR project list are employee development, culture and diversity.

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Author Bio

Michelle Venturini

As Esker’s Director of Human Resources, Michelle uses her diverse business background to build on Esker’s great culture to attract and retain great employees. Michelle is passionate about providing a space where everyone can contribute their best work. Outside of work, Michelle has two grown children and one new puppy named Vinny. If there’s a game on you’ll find her cheering for the Cubs and the Packers!

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