Esker Continues Doing “BIG” Things in the World of Customer Service

Dan Rogney

Esker was recently recognized as a 2024 finalist for BIG’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards.

It has been said ad nauseum, but that doesn’t make it any less true: Customer service has never been more important. That’s why, every year, the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) announces its Excellence in Customer Service Awards — celebrating not only those who support their own customers but also provide innovative solutions to help others achieve success.

Esker is honored to be named as a 2024 finalist among the companies, executives and products recognized by BIG as leaders in their industry for helping customers get the services they need and improving customer outcomes.  

Celebrating those on the front lines of customer satisfaction

In an era of economic uncertainty, rapidly evolving technologies and shifting customer expectations, it’s no secret why as to why customer service has been elevated from cost center to value driver within so many organizations. The hard part is doing it well.

BIG’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards aims to recognize those organizations who make customer experience a priority and demonstrate a measurable impact on customer satisfaction — a key differentiator in challenging environment. As BIG notes:

  • “It costs 600% more to attract a new customer than it does to retain one.”
  • “Customers who engage with or purchase your product or service at least three times are twice as likely to remain loyal customers.”
  • “Companies who value quality customer service programs see upwards of 90% retention rates.”

Esker’s Customer Service solution suite 

Esker’s Customer Service solution suite is designed with simple yet powerful purpose in mind: to help organizations deliver the best B2B customer experience possible. This is done by automating many of the low-value tasks associated with managing customer inquiries, orders and claims — freeing up team members for more impactful and meaningful work while enriching the B2B interactions that fuel loyalty, trust and growth. 

The “brains” behind the solution suite is Esker Synergy AI: a set of technologies (GenAI, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.) that deliver powerful capabilities including:

  • Automated inquiry classification that analyzes incoming emails, categorizes them and automatically assigns them to the appropriate person/service.
  • GenAI-assisted answers that are recommended to CSRs who can review, edit and then send to the customer directly.
  • Prescriptive analytics that prevent order filing errors by automatically detecting unusual quantities or other anomalies.  

Bundling innovative AI technologies for over a decade, Esker’s Customer Service solution suite is continuously evolving to help organizations eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks, deliver meaningful and timely customer interactions, and drive better business outcomes.

If Esker’s commitment and capabilities within customer service interest you, visit our website to inquire about Esker’s Customer Service solution suite.

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