Empowering Diversity: Esker's Journey in Fostering Inclusion

Indhuja Silambannan

In the dynamic realm of technology, the call for diversity and inclusion has become increasingly imperative. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry stands out as a challenge that demands attention. This International Women’s Day, as a ‘Woman in Tech’ at Esker, we’ll explore how we as a company foster an inclusive environment that embraces diversity in all its forms #InspireInclusion.

Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future

Encountering stereotypes and biases that perpetuated a predominantly male workforce historically, women have faced barriers when entering the tech field. However, this narrative is changing as women break through these barriers, demonstrating our prowess in coding, engineering, data science, and leadership roles.

We at Esker believe that diversity cannot just be a buzzword but a catalyst for innovation, and only inclusive teams can develop products and solutions that cater to a broader audience, reflecting a deeper understanding of diverse user needs. Esker’s percentage of women employees continues to grow and made up 31.48% of the total workforce in 20221.

Making Progress

With current economic models and budgets it is easy to overlook women’s needs. According to UN Women, the global value of unpaid care and domestic work for women aged 15 and over stands at around $10.8 trillion annually – three times the size of the world’s tech industry.

Despite the progress made by women in STEM, the pay parity in tech remains a formidable challenge for decades and the tech industry has been characterised by a significant gender gap. Transparency in hiring practices, pay equity, and promotions helps identify areas for improvement and ensures that commitments to diversity and inclusion are more than just lip service. Our diversity charter engages the HR department to review and continuously improve its policies on this front.

86.9% of employees agreed with the statement "At Esker, everyone benefits from the same opportunities for recruitment, remuneration and career development (regardless of age, national origin, education, disability, religious belief, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, etc.)"2

By placing high value on maintaining responsible and transparent corporate governance – thanks to our supervisory boards, corrective measures were always taken when any wage disparity was found. Esker’s headquarters based in Lyon, France, has a gender equality index of 91/100, and we aspire to achieving the same in all our subsidiaries from all around the world in the coming years.

Championing Diversity in Leadership

Inclusion should extend beyond entry-level positions, reaching the highest echelons of leadership. Women in tech should not only be welcomed into the industry but also given opportunities to lead and influence decision-making processes. 32.35% of women make up the Esker management teams, demonstrating a representative proportion of the workforce in management positions. Of the four members of the Supervisory Board, two are women, and the ratio is 1 in 8 on the Executive Committee.

To achieve true inclusion, it is imperative to address unconscious bias within the tech workplace. Thanks to our training programmes and workshops, awareness is raised and employees are equipped with tools and practice counteract them. Esker signed the International Women’s Forum Manifesto on gender equality and has pledged to participate in Forum meetings which provide the opportunity to share best practices on gender diversity.

Women in tech benefit immensely from supportive communities that provide networking opportunities, mentorship, and a platform for shared experiences. To promote IT professions among women, several testimonial videos of Esker employees have been filmed and broadcasted on social networks.

Flexible Work Environments

Recognising the unique challenges that women often face, such as balancing career and family responsibilities, tech companies should embrace flexible work environments. The remote-working and flexible working options offered by Esker help our women to excel without sacrificing personal or professional aspirations.


Inclusion is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage for the tech industry. The time is now to embrace the power of diversity and elevate women in tech as leaders, contributors, and innovators shaping the future of technology. Being a ‘Woman in Tech’ at Esker UK and Northern Europe, I can see a culture being created which recognises the importance of fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, leading to a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

#IWD2024 #InspireInclusion

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Indhuja Silambannan

Indhuja Silambannan is a Professional Services Consultant at Esker UK. She has been part of the Esker family since 2023.

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