MCR Safety: Transforming Customer Service with Esker Customer Inquiry Management

Taylor Bucher

By taking control of its inquiry management process, MCR Safety has been able to transform its Customer Service department and empower their staff.

Challenges in Customer Service

As one of the leading PPE manufacturers in the United States, MCR Safety faced overwhelming customer inquiries that hindered their Customer Service (CS) department. To address this, they partnered with Esker and implemented the Customer Inquiry Management (CIM) solution, which transformed their operations.

Centralizing inquiries for enhanced efficiency

Before implementing Esker, MCR Safety management inquiries through 10 different inboxes, each serving different functions. This casued confusion for both customers and customer service representatives (CSRs) and lead to inefficiencies and duplicate efforts. Esker Customer Inquiry Management centralized all inquiries, providing visibility into who is working on each one, eliminating duplicate work and allowing CSRs to access customer order information seamlessly. This helped empwer CSRs to respon more effectively and provide more meaningful responses.

Providing a consistently exceptional customer experience

MCR Safety struggled with inconsistent customer experiences due to delayed inquiry responses, sometimes taking up to 48 hours. Esker automated inquiry routing and assignment which drastically reduced response times, often to almost immediate replies. This improvement ensured that customers received timely answers and prevented issues like order changes post-shipment and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Empowering CSRs to build stronger relationships

Manual processes previously prevented MCR's staff from building strong customer relationships. Esker's solution allowed CSRs to focus on meaningful customer service by providing dedicated account lists, helping create a sense of ownership and pride. This not only improved response efficiency but also enabled CSRs to proactively reach out to customers with product updates and promotions, creating new revenue opportunities and strengthing customer relationships.


By taking control of its inquiry management process with Esker, MCR Safety has transformed its Customer Service department, improved efficiency and empowered staff to build stronger customer relationships, ultimately enhancing their overall customer experience and market position.

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