Hollister Incorporated’s Order Management Success Story

Taylor Bucher

“Just do it. Bite the bullet and make it happen, then consult with the Esker team because they’re amazing. Your company and your team won’t regret it.”

As B2B companies big and small try to achieve the “perfect order” with touchless order processing, many have found out the hard way that simply automating order management doesn’t always result in it being completely “hands-free”. However, with the right solution in place and hands-on, continued support from your provider, it’s possible to create an order management process that requires minimal human intervention or, in some cases, no intervention at all.

Hollister Incorporated made sure they did things right when they decided to take action against the tedious, unfulfilling and low-value tasks that sucked up a significant portion of the Customer Service team’s time and provided little to no real benefits or value to the company or its customers.

Watch their success story to find out how Esker Order Management has made it possible to achieve what many businesses have failed to: order management efficiency and best-in-class customer service.

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Taylor Bucher

As a Copywriter at Esker, Taylor uses her creative writing experience to write engaging marketing content that educates audiences on the benefits of automated business processes. If she’s not in the office, you’ll most likely find her exploring hiking trails, guessing the breeds of dogs she sees on the street and then asking the owner to see if she’s right, or catching a concert at a local music venue.

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