FUCHS Lubricants: An Order Management Success Story

Dan Rogney

"We didn't look at Esker as a means of reducing our staff — this is an effort to maximize our resources and bring the value-adds back to the customer."

With all the pressure on today’s B2B Customer Service teams to deliver a fast, personalized and consistent customer experience (CX), paying talented employees to manage an email inbox all day long and manually enter orders into an ERP is not exactly best practice for anyone.

Employees wind up performing tedious, unfulfilling and low-value tasks for much of their day. Customers get stuck with a far less responsive and dependable CX than they now expect. And the business must live with the results of both — a diminished reputation and a discouraging outlook.    

That’s why companies like FUCHS Lubricants are being proactive.

Watch their success story to hear why Esker’s AI-powered technology, intuitive interface and advanced analytics were a “game-changer” for their Customer Service team!

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Dan Rogney

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