Esker One of Only Two Order Management Software Providers Recognized as Digital World Class® by The Hackett Group®

Dan Rogney

Esker is thrilled to be included in a first-of-its-kind Digital World Class Matrix™ by The Hackett Group®, which analyzes and ranks 18 leading customer-to-cash (C2C) software providers on the processes of credit management, order management, and customer billing/electronic invoice presentment and payment processes (EIPP).

While no software provider was named Digital World Class® in all three processes, Esker was one of only two companies (out of 18 total) that achieved it in two out of three categories.

Similarly, Esker was one of only two companies to have its order management solution (i.e., Esker Order Management) designated with Digital World Class® status.

About the Hackett Digital World Class Matrix™

Through its research, The Hackett Group® found that leading C2C software providers offered the ability to consistently support industry specialization, connected ecosystems and data integration with pre-built connectors, while providing user-friendly dashboards, analytics and automated intelligence.

Hackett’s Digital World Class Matrix™ recognized software providers by assigning them different categories of performance for their solution offerings in each of the three aforementioned processes. These categories include:

  1. 1. Digital World Class® — companies recognized as providing top performance in business value and operational excellence, support multiple customers, and have an expanded mix of solution capabilities
  2. 2. Innovators — companies recognized as well-regarded by industry experts and users and deliver superior value realization to clients; limited scope and software/service features
  3. 3. Enterprise leaders — companies that focus on building broad, function-level capability through operational excellence in their platforms and flexibility in their software/services but have opportunities to improve delivery against key process performance metrics
  4. 4. Challengers — companies progressing toward delivering greater value realization and capability breadth, but not yet fully established
  5. 5. Emerging — companies that are still developing and defining their capabilities and go-to-market strengths, but display a vision for growth

Esker Order Management: Digital World Class® status

When evaluating order management software providers, those landing close to or within the Digital World Class® category were deemed to have greater optionality, flexibility and ability to support global complex requirements, while delivering outstanding information visibility and process insights.

Additionally, software providers higher on the matrix distinguished themselves with outstanding CX, customer satisfaction levels, and delivery on business case and speed-to-value metrics.


Esker Order Management was specifically recognized as Digital World Class® for its AI-driven automation capabilities that enable users to digitally process and track any order, in any channel or format, through one intuitive, cloud-based interface — all while providing customers a consumer-like experience for B2B transactions. 

Solution capabilities singled out by The Hackett Group® within Esker Order Management include its ability to support:

  • Order channels, optionality
  • Customer, self-service functionality
  • Order capture, workflow
  • Data integration, validation, visibility

Want to learn more?

A 25-page, publicly available summary of the full report by The Hackett Group® is available here for download. In it, you can learn more about Esker’s recognitions — including those beyond order management — as well as other software provider performances and further details about the scope and strategy behind the Digital World Class Matrix™.

* CFOs’ balancing act: Juggling priorities to build resilience. August 31, 2023. McKinsey & Company.

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