Collections management

Once a necessary evil. Now as good as it gets.


Bring billing and collections into the 21st century.

Accounts receivable departments are notoriously slow to adopt new technology. Esker's automated AR system powered by TermSync changes the game by helping companies modernize without replacing their core billing and collections processes. By simply automating what should be automated, customers get the post-sale experience they deserve and your team gets the tools they need. 


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A post-sale experience everyone benefits from

Increasing collection efficiency isn’t just about how to improve the process — it’s also about empowering the people involved. Through a collaborative, cloud-based platform, Esker’s AR management software solution makes doing business easier for everyone that touches it, putting more money in your bank and fewer obstacles in your path. 


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    • Less time handling paper
    • More oversight over collections
    • Greater job satisfaction
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    • Fewer invoice-related calls
    • Greater insight into customers
    • Accelerated commission paychecks
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    • Easily evaluate team progress
    • Spot issues before they arise
    • Create customized reports
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    • No long-term contracts
    • Up and running in weeks
    • Automatic updates & backups 
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    • View invoice information 24/7
    • Make payments & apply credits
    • Sign up for auto-pay
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    • Reduced DSO & collection disputes
    • Improved customer relationships
    • Lower costs & staff turnover

Manage follow-up with proactive strategy —
not sticky notes.  

Similar to the way other departments use CRM software to manage critical workflow functions, Esker gives AR departments an easy, yet thorough, way to orchestrate post-sale collection interactions. Sticky notes, calendar reminders and spreadsheets are replaced with strategic tools such as:


  • Payment reminder emails
  • Root-cause analysis & deductions
  • Rule-based task lists
  • Account lookups & call logging
  • Collections forecast
  • Payment plans

Building a Business Case

How to Confront Outdated Processes and Make Your Project a Top Priority

Improved customer satisfaction

“Our customers have become more proactive in the collections process.
They’re able to go into the portal, view their statement and pay.” 

CFO — Lowry Solutions

Read the full story

Give customers the control and convenience they’ve come to expect. 

Having a “personal touch” in customer service is great, but what today’s customers really value is the ability to perform tasks and find information online. Esker's customer portal powered by TermSync technology allows companies to provide that option, acting as an online support center for everything invoice-related.


  • SELF-SERVICE TOOLSto view invoice info, make payments, apply credits, auto-pay, etc.

  • SUPPORT TOOLS to send messages, ask questions, track vendor response time, file disputes, etc.

  • ENGAGEMENT TOOLS to set up auto-pay reminders, track when invoices were viewed, log-in, etc.

B2B Billing and Collections Guide

9½ Takeaways from Our Benchmarking Survey


Streamline the credit application process.

Getting complete and accurate credit information from customers is easier said than done. Esker’s online credit application takes the hassle out of the process by providing users with a customizable online form that includes automated workflow approval and audit trail, secure storage, and trade references.  


Whip your analytics into shape by going beyond DSO.

Most AR departments measure how quickly they were paid … and that’s about it. With Esker, companies are able to shed light onto simple, yet essential metrics that are invaluable to the success of billing and collection process flow.

Users can easily measure:

  • Response time to customer inquiries
  • When an invoice was received
  • Number of automated reminders being sent out
  • Data associated with follow-up calls
  • Root-causes of payment delays
  • Collections goal in terms of dollars



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