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Esker defines a perfect invoice as one that’s compliant with the PO, customers’ format requirements, delivery method and local regulations. How do we ensure invoices won’t get rejected? By offering automated invoice delivery via any media or to portals and full compliance in 60+ countries around the world.

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  • Secured OnboardingSecure credit approval & control credit risk by digitizing the credit app process & creating approvals according to credit policy.
  • Automated CollectionsRather than sending out account statements or email reminders, free up your team for tasks like recovering cash.
  • Enhanced CollaborationAll data, docs & actions are in one location, making easier to create & assign tasks to solve invoice-related issues.
  • Increased VisibilityGet valuable insight on your performance & create & share reports to expand the cash flow culture in your company.

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“Esker has been a huge benefit to me as an AR manager. Not only is my team far less stressed and overwhelmed, I'm no longer working 11-12 hour days and have more time to focus on larger scale projects that impact the company.”​
Jamie Flores │ AR Manager
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Payment doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why Esker offers the most popular payment methods including card payment (e.g., Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, etc.) and direct debit (e.g., ACH, SEPA, BACS, EFT, etc.) so your customers never have an excuse to not pay you. Esker also integrates with local and global payment processors like Stripe to offer you and your customers the best possible experience.

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Why have a top-notch collections tool if payments aren’t even allocated in a timely manner? Esker’s AI-driven AR solution helps you automate repetitive, complex processes, reduce manual effort, and significantly improve your visibility on accounts thanks to unrivaled match rates.

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  • Instant visibility on all customer accounts, invoice statuses, actions & performance
  • Faster invoice related issues resolution (e.g., dispute, deductions, etc.)
  • Easier onboarding process & fewer IT resource requirements
  • Guaranteed compliance no matter your size, industry or location
  • Lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) & optimized working capital
  • Improved productivity, team morale & employee retention 


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Esker’s Accounts Receivable automation solution. Have a question you can’t find the answer to? Reach out by clicking the “Get in Touch” button below. 

Does using Esker mean I have to automate my entire AR process?

Only if you want it to! The beauty of Esker’s Accounts Receivable automation solution is in its flexibility. Our à la carte solution model allows users to choose if they automate one, some or all of the areas within their credit-to-cash process — from credit management and invoice delivery to collections, payment and even the cash application process.

What advantages will I see with Esker’s Accounts Receivable software solution?

Businesses using Esker’s AR automation solution should expect to see a more productive staff (thanks to fewer manual, admin-heavy tasks), optimized working capital (due to reduced costs, faster payments and secured revenue), enhanced visibility (via dashboards that provide detail metrics into AR performances, customer credit and more) and, last but not least, an improved customer experience that can ultimately lead to more business opportunities.

Does Esker’s AR software integrate with all ERPs?

Yes! To date, Esker has over 70 unique ERP or home-grown solutions. Esker’s AR solution integrates with any ERP system or business application. Once the customer invoice is validated in the ERP, it’s quickly and securely transmitted to Esker to be processed. Customer information, payment status and open AR files can also be synchronized.

Our company is global — can Esker’s AR solution handle that?

Absolutely, it can. Esker’s automated Accounts Receivable software is designed for global organizations thanks to support of multi-languages, multi-sites, multi-currencies, worldwide payment coverage and global compliance. What’s more, the cloud-based nature of the solution enables different teams to collaborate more effectively while giving executives the visibility they need at every level of the organization.

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