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We'd like to introduce you to the members of our managing board and other Esker leaders!

Executive Board

  • Jean-Michel Bérard

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Jean-Michel Bérard founded Esker in 1985, shortly after earning his...
  • France

    Emmanuel Olivier

    WW Chief Operating Officer
    +33 (0)4 72 83 46 46
    As Worldwide Chief Operating Officer, Emmanuel Olivier leads Esker's...

Invited members of the Executive Board

  • Jean-Jacques Bérard

    Executive Vice President, Research and Development
    Jean-Jacques Bérard is Executive Vice President, Research and Development at...
  • Eric Bussy

    Vice President Marketing & Product Management
    As Worldwide Corporate Marketing and Product Management Director at Esker,...
  • Steve Smith

    U.S. Chief Operating Officer
    As U.S. Chief Operating Officer at Esker, Steve Smith is responsible for all...
  • France

    Claire Valencony

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer
    As Deputy COO, Claire Valencony is responsible for maintaining and driving...
  • Nicolas Mougin

    WW Consulting & Support Director
    Nicolas Mougin is the Worldwide Consulting and Support Director at Esker...
  • Ari Widlansky

    WW Director for Revenue Growth & Strategic Alliances
    Ari Widlansky, Esker’s Worldwide Director for Revenue Growth and Strategic...

Associate Members of the Executive Board

  • Pascal Bivert

    European Sales Director
    As European Sales Director, Pascal Bivert is responsible for the sales...
  • Nicolas Bragard

    WW CIO
    As Worldwide Chief Information Officer, Nicolas Bragard leads Esker's...
  • Aurélie Guimera

    VP of Human Resources
    As Esker's Vice President of Human Resources, Aurélie Guimera oversees all...
  • Thomas Honegger

    COO France
    As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Esker France/Benelux/Switzerland since...
  • Dan Reeve

    VP of Sales, Esker North America
    As Vice President of Sales North America, Dan Reeve is responsible for...

Supervisory Board

  • Marie-Claude Bernal

    President of the Supervisory Board
    Marie-Claude Bernal graduated from the HECJF School of Management in 1967,...
  • Nicole Pelletier-Perez

    Vice President of the Supervisory Board
    Nicole Pelletier-Perez began her career at Digital Equipment as a systems...
  • Jean-Pierre Lac

    Supervisory Board Member
    Jean-Pierre Lac began his career in the Rhône Poulenc group in 1975. He...
  • Steve Vandenberg

    Supervisory Board Member
    Steve Vandenberg is a Global Black Belt with Microsoft Security Solutions...
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