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DMC Global Customer Story

Eliminating Paper & Processing 80% More Invoices Without Adding Headcount

Company Size
400 Employees (Americas)
Accounts Payable
  • 80% More
    Invoices Processed
  • 0
    Additional Headcount
  • 1,200


  • Integrate AP automation with SAP S/4 HANA to meet all global requirements.
  • Support continued company growth without having to increase headcount.
  • Leverage automation to harmonize AP processes and eliminate use of paper invoices.


DMC Global Inc. is a diversified technology company that focuses on growing by investing in people, products and businesses that serve niche global markets. As a company that serves industrial processing, transportation and energy markets through global manufacturing, sales and distribution networks, DMC Global’s wide breadth of business created significant barriers when it came to scaling growth — especially since it’s accounts payable (AP) processes were almost completely manual.

DMC Global needed a way to centralize its AP process to eliminate the bouncing back-and-forth between various systems and finally achieve the global visibility, cost savings and efficiency it was lacking to be able to continue growing at its current and future rate. Disjointed processes and file cabinets packed with paper invoices were keeping its staff occupied with tasks that cost time and resources, without adding any real value.

As a company that prioritizes investing in its people and embracing technology, DMC Global knew it needed at AI-driven AP solution that brought the two together seamlessly — so they went with Esker.

If senior management wants to see something, I can just send them a link because they all have access to Esker from anywhere, at any time.
Patricia Aldape | Sr. Accounting Manager, DynaEnergetics Americas


What invoices still need to be put in the system? How much are we going to be paying each week? Has this been approved yet?

These are all questions that DMC Global’s AP staff had trouble answering without the visibility and accessibility of automation. Now, the team has essentially a “one-stop-shop” for all its AP needs in Esker’s integrated platform. Not only that, but the solution easily integrated with DMC Global’s SAP S/4 HANA ERP system, helping to unify and centralize global AP information and processes.

According to Sr. Accounting Manager at DynaEnergetics Americas Patricia Aldape, the first day using Esker brought a big shock to the AP team. “They had their piles of invoices on their desks, and I told them to throw them all in the secure recycle bin!”

Team members in any location now have access to vital information, and it only takes a few clicks of a mouse. Esker has been able to help DMC Global achieve the global connectivity it needed to streamline and harmonize its AP operation.

We’ve been able to get most of our vendors to send invoices directly into Esker. Now, I have full visibility of the AP exposure that’s out there.
Patricia Aldape | Sr. Accounting Manager, DynaEnergetics Americas


With scalable growth as its top priority, AP automation has been a true gamechanger for DMC Global. From October 2021 to August 2022, the company’s invoice volume increased by almost 80%. The best part though? They were able to manage it with ease and no additional headcount — a major feat for the fast-growing organization.

“If we would’ve stayed how we were, I probably would’ve had to hire one or two people to help cover the volume,” said Patricia. “And now, it’s the same two people are covering all the volume.”

Even if temporary help is needed, Esker’s interface is intuitive and userfriendly enough to make training significantly faster.

The adoption of Esker by DMC Global’s suppliers has made paying easier, faster and more transparent on both sides, helping to build trust and improve collaboration in key supplier relationships.

If we would’ve stayed how we were, I probably would’ve had to hire one or two people to help cover the volume. And now, it’s the same two people covering all the volume.
Patricia Aldape | Sr. Accounting Manager, DynaEnergetics Americas

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