Acting ethically & responsibly

Ensuring good governance & a sustainable supply chain

Corporate governance

To promote integrity and trust among employees, customers and stakeholders, Esker places a high value on maintaining responsible and transparent corporate governance.

  • Adherence to the Middlenext Governance Code

  • 15% of the Executive Committee's variable compensation is based on ESG criteria

  • Biannual public presentation of company results

Supervisory board

  • 100% independent members

  • 100% meeting attendance

  • Gender parity

Ethical business conduct & anti-corruption practices

Esker considers business ethics to be the foundation of all its activities, from its corporate governance, within the company, and throughout its supply chain.

  • Internal Code of Business Conduct
  • Internal whistleblowing system
  • Corruption risk mapping
  • Anti-corruption training for all employees

Building an ethical supply chain

  • Esker’s supplier code of conduct

    Esker expects its vendors to adhere to the same legal and ethical principles as Esker does. We encourage compliance with these standards for all our vendors, their employees, their subcontractors and, by extension, their own suppliers.


  • Esker’s sustainable procurement policy

    Our Sustainable Procurement Policy is based on the fair treatment and transparent selection of vendors as well as the consideration of social and environmental criteria in vendor selection.


Esker is a signatory of the Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Charter, supported by the organization Mediation des Entreprises and Conseil National des Achats. We are committed to respecting and promoting the 10 principles stated therein.

Sponsorship programs

Esker's corporate sponsorship program, which is determined in consultation with all employees, focuses on three separate yet linked areas: environment, education and community outreach. 0.1% of annual sales revenue is allocated to sponsorship programs and Esker employees receive one day per year in paid time off for participation in community activities.

Esker's commitments

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