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Every business wants to optimize its savings and drive added value at every opportunity. More than ever, they're looking to procurement to make it happen. It's why the future of P2P processes is in automation.

Esker's automation solutions equip users with the tools they need to:

  • Increase visibility into indirect spend
  • Reduce time spent creating and validating purchasing requests
  • Avoid difficulties enforcing purchasing policies
  • Streamline invoice reconciliation 
  • Anticipate cash flow accurately

Enhanced capabilities for key P2P players

Speed. Visibility. Collaboration. Whatever today’s procurement professionals need out of their process, they can find in Esker. Powered by end-to-end automated capabilities, Esker allows key players throughout the P2P cycle to think and act strategically day in and day out.

  • Requesters benefit from:

    • E-purchase requisition forms
    • Catalogs and intuitive search
    • Down-payments handling
    • Supplier creation requests
  • Managers benefit from:

    • Policy-based workflow logic
    • Budgets audit
    • Mobile approval
    • Automatic reminders
  • Buyers benefit from:

    • Electronic form for good receipt
    • Automatic reminders
    • Full audit trail
    • Reporting and analytics
  • AP specialists benefit from:

    • Invoice data extraction
    • Automatic matching
    • Duplicate detection
    • Exceptions handling


The Secret to Improving Supplier Relationships

Say goodbye to maverick spending

Containing costs is one of the main priorities of procurement professionals. Automated P2P solutions, like e-purchasing, help to rein in maverick spending by providing visiblity on spend from start to finish, having purchases follow a predefined approval workflow and using pre-approved suppliers.

Esker is a cash-saver for those in or around procurement functions thanks to:

  • Online purchase requisition and order forms — no more filling and delivering forms by hand for approval.
  • Standardized approval workflow — purchase requisitions are auto-routed to the correct approvers with oversight and collaboration throughout.
  • Pre-approved POs — AP staff no longer has to chase payment approvals to pay invoices on time and more early payment discounts can be captured.

Shore up the finance–procurement relationship

Another priority of procurement professionals is increasing collaboration, both internally between departments and externally with suppliers. Automation helps to tighten the relationship between finance and procurement through beneficial workflow functions.

For example, all non-PO invoices can be automatically converted to PO-like invoices, allowing both purchasing and AP teams to save time and speed up financial closings. Additionally, Esker’s Purchasing solution offers a supplier self-service portal that optimizes buyer–seller interactions in the P2P process.

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