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Jack Henry

Company name : Jack Henry

Company founded date : 1976

Country supported : United States

Company website : www.jackhenry.com

Jack Henry & Associates is a US-based company offering payment processing services to over 9,000 customers world-wide. Supporting organizations of all size, JackHenry & Associates enables businesses to automate their online financial transactions and offer a great customer experience.

Our partnership with Jack Henry

Speed up the payment process
Esker partners with Jack Henry & Associates for our US ACH payment processing. By using Profitstars, Jack Henry’s integrated web solution, Esker’s American customers can easily process secure online payments. As one of the top 20 financial system processors in the world, partnering with Jack Henry & Associates was an obvious choice for Esker, allowing for full integration of ACH direct debit payment processing into Esker's Customer Payment Portal.

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