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Company name : Creditsafe

Company founded date : 1997

Country supported : 160+ countries

Company website : www.creditsafe.com

Specialized in business information, Creditsafe supports 105,000 customers throughout 23 offices in 16 countries and 3 continents. Creditsafe provides credit scores and credit reports to their customers worldwide, enabling them to better understand their trading partners and thereby manage risks associated with credit decisions.

Our partnership with Creditsafe

Stay ahead of financial risk
Eskers partners with Creditsafe by integrating Creditsafe’s credit data into Esker’s Credit Management solution through a transparent API. As one of the market leaders in business information, Creditsafe was a clear choice for Esker, whose customers can now access key credit scores and reports about their trading partners worldwide and combine them with internal risk information to make data-driven credit decisions.

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