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Challenges in Sales Order Processing

The faster an order can be fulfilled, the better it is for everyone involved. Unfortunately, conventional processing methods are rife with manual touch points that lead to a host of order management challenges which can hinder your processing efficiency by as much as 80%.

Esker's automation solutions for order processing is essential as manual processing of orders affects efficiency by 80% - Manual Order Processing Challenges

Symptoms of inefficient order management

Limited control and visibility of process
Complex IT environment
High cost per order
High error rates and incorrect shipments
Decreased order processing
Customer dissatisfaction


How manual processing negatively impacts your business

Orders have to be manually keyed in.
- Wasted time
- Data entry errors
- Order rework
Esker automatically captures the correct order information using automatic checks and verifications.
Orders are not visible until they reach the ERP system.
- Misplaced or lost orders
- Inability to balance workload
- Poor response to status
Esker captures orders as they arrive, automatically dispatching them to the right person.
No order processing analytics.
- Inability to project/plan
- Can’t identify order processing times
- Lost efficiency opportunities
Esker’s audit trail and reporting provide real-time access to the status of your order backlog.
Retrieving copies of original orders is a hassle.
- Time wasted manually filing orders
- Time wasted locating copies
- Hard to locate lost/misplaced orders
Esker’s electronic archiving allows orders to be accessed to all authorized personnel from any location as long as you need them.

How poorly handled customer claims can
damage your customer service

Issues are hard to track and manage.
- Frustrated customers
- Financial loss
- Damaged reputation
Esker logs and tracks all customer issues related to orders in the same interface as your orders. CSR teams can efficiently manage and resolve issues while maintaining full visibility over the whole order process — from the moment an order is created, to the moment your customer is fully satisfied with the product received.


How incorrect EDI orders negatively impact your productivity

Processing EDI orders can be a nightmare.
- Mapping errors
- Unsupported formats
- SLAs at risk
- Multiple EDI formats, versions or standards to manage
Esker takes information captured from an EDI order and creates a readable version which CSRs can then check and correct before posting in the ERP system. Result: 100% error-free orders. Also, with Esker’s auto-learning capabilities, true “touchless” processing is possible.



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