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Esker Cloud Fax Services enables faxing as a fully integrated service directly from your desktop or ERP business applications. With no hardware (fax server, fax board, fax line), software or maintenance required, you benefit from complete mobility to send and receive faxes from any device. Every fax processed by an Esker production facility is tracked with a unique identifier, guaranteeing traceability with real-time status visible directly within the business application. Offering aggressive pricing for domestic and international faxing, as well as an extensive network of fax numbers to pick from for receiving faxes (4,300 cities in over 45 countries), Esker makes it simple to automate your fax operations.

Esker Cloud Fax Services for SAP® Business Suite

Unique value to business running SAP applications

Esker offers the benefits of sending or receiving a fax directly from/into your SAP system. It's fully integrated, fully compatible and fully secure.

Esker is the first to be SAP-certified for full support of the new BC-SMTP interface for fax and paging/SMS, guaranteeing 100% external output management integration within SAP. Direct SAP integration enables real-time tracking in exactly the same manner as if it were on-premises inside the customer’s domain. Faxes are completely managed within SAP applications. The communication between SAProuters is executed through SNC to guarantee a maximum security level. 

Thanks to world-class SAP expert assistance, Esker Cloud Fax Services is configured in just days with no disruption to your daily SAP activities.

Sending and tracking a fax directly from SAP Workstation

  • 1. Faxes are submitted out of the SAP Business Workplace.
  • 2. Documents are transferred to an Esker production facility through SAProuter. Once received, the documents are processed and faxed according to user specifications.
  • 3. Notification is directly fed back into the SAP system
    so users can follow the status of their faxes.
  • 4. When a fax delivery has failed, the Performance Assistant immediately pops up and diagnoses the failure reason. It also provides information on how to quickly resolve the issue.

Esker Cloud Fax Services for SAP® Business ByDesign

Unique value to business running SAP applications

With Esker Cloud Fax Services for SAP Business ByDesign, any document created from SAP Business ByDesign can easily and quickly be sent to an Esker production facility through an authenticated, encrypted and secured connection instead of being printed to a local office printer and faxed from an office fax machine.

There is no need to learn new software or deal with complicated uploads — an Internet connection is sufficient. Once received, documents are immediately processed and faxed according to user preference.

Esker Cloud Fax Services for Office365

If you can email, you can fax by email

Send and receive faxes as emails, directly from Office 365. Track faxes in real time in your Microsoft Outlook Web App.


Esker Cloud Fax Services for ERP Applications

Esker Cloud Fax Services seamlessly integrates with a wide range of ERP applications.

(1) Documents are transmitted from your business applications to an Esker production facility. (2) They are then received by a multitenant Esker server platform through an authenticated, encrypted and secured connection. (3) Once the fax is delivered, a fax status is fed into your business application, and is (4) updated in real-time and visible to users.


Esker Cloud Fax Services for Desktop — FlyDoc

Esker Cloud Fax Services for Desktop is also known as FlyDoc, the world’s first online fax and mail service. Send invoices, orders and other business documents as easily as sending an email directly from your desktop.

For more information, please visit the FlyDoc website.


Receive a Fax as an Email


Companies can quickly automate the processing and sending of business documents to customers, business partners and suppliers with no up-front IT investment thanks to Esker’s cloud-based services.

Faxes submitted to the Esker on Demand platform are processed from Eskerís worldwide network of fax facilities located in the U.S., France and Australia.

Learn more about Esker on Demand.


An Internet connection and web browser is all it takes to get Esker Cloud Fax Services up and running on your desktop.

If you want to integrate Esker Cloud Fax Services into your ERP application, Esker is committed to providing you with the highest level of technical expertise in project implementation. Esker ensures that your business will achieve maximum value throughout every phase of solution delivery.

Sign up today and get started immediately

Your project. Your way.

Implement the Esker solution your way — as a broad automation strategy on-premises
or in the cloud using our SaaS model. All of the functionality is built into a single platform,
making interfacing and support minimal.

Fax Server

Fax servers provide true enterprise solutions for sending, receiving and routing high volumes of end-user and application-generated documents — all from a single server and without any modification to existing applications. As a tightly integrated central solution, fax servers handle fax distribution automatically and continuously from your organization's network for complete IT control and flexibility to meet your company's specific business requirements.

Esker Cloud Fax Services

Esker Cloud Fax Services provides automatic faxing as a service fully integrated with business applications — without adding hardware or software. A simple pay-per-use pricing model makes your faxing costs straightforward and simple to gauge with no hidden costs such as maintenance, implementation and customization, training, or telecommunications expenses. With Esker Cloud Fax Services you're ready for any size fax job you need to send.

Fax server benefits:

  • Tight integration with local applications (e.g., Exchange, SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • No manual intervention reduces fax time and costs
  • Send and receive faxes directly from front- and back-office applications
  • Consolidated enterprise faxing simplifies IT infrastructure
  • IT retains control over in-house fax server with the ability to customize
  • Connect and fax-enable applications in hours rather than weeks
  • Never experience fax loss
  • Easily track and recover all faxes

Esker Cloud Fax Services benefits:

  • No manual intervention reduces fax time and costs
  • Fax directly from business applications
  • Real-time status available within business applications
  • Low up-front investment
  • No hardware or software maintenance costs
  • Minimized operating costs (no hidden costs)
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Pay-as-you-go cost efficiency
  • Service availability 24/7
  • Easily track and recover all faxes


See the benefits that actual Esker customers have achieved.

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