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Enterprise Fax Servers

Simplify your fax management

Esker Fax Server solutions seamlessly integrate fax with enterprise applications and messaging platforms, enabling your business to fully leverage existing information systems to send, route, archive and process paper-centric communications more efficiently.

Esker's fax solutions reduces labor costs by 90% & helps achieving the ROI in as little as 3 months - Esker Fax Server Benefits

6 ways you benefit from Esker Fax Server solutions

Send and receive faxes from any ERP/business application (including SAP). Seamless integration with MS Exchange. Manage your faxes directly in Lotus Notes.
Integrate with any messaging environment. Enable your Unix- and Linux-based systems with VSI-FAX. Virtualize faxing with a 100% FoIP solution.

Featured customers

Organic Valley turned to Esker for on-demand fax automation to send 500-1000 faxes every week - Customer Case Study turned to Esker on-demand fax for efficient communication process between all of our customers and florists - Customer Case Study Esker's fax servers enables NationsBank to automate fax operations and confirm transactions in minutes - Customer Case Study Lane uses Esker's fax solutions for speeding  and automating inbound & outbound order processing - Customer Case Study Hemmer chose Esker fax for notes to deliver business-critical documents efficiently - Customer Case Study
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Maximize your IT investment

Esker Fax Server solutions work with a wide range of applications, making them easily adaptable to your unique business needs. Learn more.



Are the pitfalls of conventional manual faxing hurting your business?

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