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Conventional Manual Fax Challenges

Why is automation necessary in fax?

Even in the age of wireless, fax persists as a common form of communication, particularly for production documents like invoices and sales/purchase orders. Fax document distribution has unique attributes that continue to make it a viable and necessary messaging technology and will continue to serve a crucial role in the distribution of business documents. However, fax machines are being displaced by more reliable, convenient and efficient fax servers. Esker research shows that the average time to send one fax manually is 10 minutes.

Esker's research states the average time to send one fax manually is 10 minutes - Fax Server Challenges

Symptoms of conventional manual faxing

Limited visibility and control
Unreliable fax delivery and status tracking
Unproductive and inefficient manual tasks
Lack of security information
Misuse of existing ERP applications
Customer dissatisfaction


How manual faxing harms your business

Fax machines are unreliable and require large amounts of time.
- Wasted time printing, walking, waiting and filing
- Poor document quality and transmission failures
- Limited flexibility to handle peak volume/usage
- Lost business due to late/lost faxes
- Inability to support compliance
- No real-time tracking
Esker Fax Server solutions eliminate the hassles of fax machines by allowing you to fax directly from your desktop electronically or automate production faxing from any enterprise application. Every fax document can be automatically archived to enhance visibility and support your organization's regulatory compliance efforts.


Discover how Esker Fax Server solutions modernize business faxing.

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