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BENEFITS OF Esker's Fax Server Solution

Esker's fax automation solution helps lower fax costs upto 90% - Fax Server Benefits
Reduced Costs

Automation with Esker Fax Server solutions can help you lower fax costs up to 90% versus manual methods.

Learn how Lewis Systems & Service Company was able to cut their faxing costs in half thanks to Esker.

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Higher Productivity

Eliminate much of the manual handling associated with traditional faxing to allow employees to spend more time on value-added activities.

Discover how Organic Valley reduced its fax queue time from 6 hrs to 20 min., helping to improve
staff productivity.

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By eliminating manual intervention, Esker's faxing solutions helps in increasing productivity - Fax Server Benefits
Esker's fax server solutions easily integrate with business applications - Fax Server Benefits
ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate Esker Fax Server solutions with business applications such as SAP, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange.

Learn how Paul Hemmer Companies successfully integrated Esker Fax for Notes into its Notes/Domino environment.

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Happier Customers

Improve customer satisfaction with uninterrupted
high-volume faxing and reduced turnaround time
via Esker Fax Server solutions.

Find out how automating fax confirmation reports helped NationsBank improve overall service and customer satisfaction.

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Automating fax confirmation reports faster with Esker's solutions improves customer satisfaction - Fax Server Benefits
Esker fax server solutions ensures reliable performance even during peak seasons - Fax Server Benefits
Business Flexibility & Scalability

Utilize Esker Fax Server solutions to ensure reliable performance especially during peaks and dips in annual business activity.

See how sent all faxes out on-time during seasonal peak periods — without adding equipment or staff.

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Faster Processing

Accelerate the faxing process thanks to the elimination
of manual tasks (e.g., printing, walking to
and waiting at fax machines).

Discover how Lane was able to accelerate its order processing cycle via Esker's fax solution
from 1 week to 1 hour.

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Esker's fax solutions accelerates the faxing process thanks to the elimination of manual task - Fax Server Benefits


Find out what's new with Esker Fax Server solutions.

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