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Automated Business Mail Solution

Automation in every phase of processing

Designed for quick reaction times and streamlined workload management, Esker Mail Services processes millions of documents each month for organizations around world, making traditional business mail completely electronic for the sender, from start to finish.

Fold & Stuff
Stamp & Deliver



Quickly, easily and reliably submit your documents to be processed from any business or desktop application to an Esker mail production facility.

Take the paper out of sending mail.

With no new software to learn or complicated uploads, Esker Mail Services removes the manual tasks associated with sending mail. Once generated, documents can be sent either from your desktop application, your ERP application (including SAP), or from your on-premises Esker solution to an Esker mail production facility through an authenticated, encrypted and secured connection.

Esker mail services enables submitting the document to be processed from any business or desktop application - Esker Mail Service Solution

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Documents are routed to different zones and printed in a single, standardized chain of production, guaranteeing optimized production time.

Print without delay.

Best-in-class printers ensure real-time printing via a single type of paper, eliminating the need to interrupt print jobs and calibrate the machines. Printing options include black and white, color, and single or double sided.

Ensure traceability and accurate delivery.

To guarantee the quality of production and real-time tracking, each document processed is tracked with a unique identifier (included in a bar code on each page). These bar codes ensure traceability, contain information specific to each particular document (e.g., number of pages, color, black or white, etc.), and guarantee the right document and the correct number of pages are processed and delivered to the appropriate parties.

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Fold & Stuff

Printed documents are automatically folded and stuffed into envelopes. Folding machines insert each document into the corresponding envelope.

Meet country-specific requirements.

At each Esker production facility, mail and envelope size are adapted to meet local country requirements. Address block envelope positioning is also country specific (right side vs. left side).

Guarantee mail production accuracy.

Bar codes indicate which envelope should be used and ensures that each envelope contains the right number of pages. A second control verifies that all submitted documents are correctly produced.

Group multiple documents.

Different types of documents that need to be mailed to the same recipient can be grouped into a single envelope.

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Stamp & Deliver

Documents are stamped according to priority, country destination and weight. Once postage is applied, mail is handed off to the local postal service within 24 hours of creation.

Benefit from least-cost routing and high-priority postage.

Esker is capable of processing mail when and where you need it thanks to its worldwide network of international mail production facilities (France, Spain, Belgium, U.K., U.S., Australia and Singapore) and partnerships with local postal services. These strategically located facilities allow customers to benefit from least-cost routing via the facility nearest to the recipient, as well as a significant reduction in mail delivery time. Additionally, high priority postage is used to provide the quickest delivery to the recipient.

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Mail is handed off for delivery and its status is updated in real time and made visible.

Easily view status updates online.

At any point in the process, online access to status details of each individual piece of mail is available (e.g., what’s being printed, what’s being folded, what’s been handed off to the postal service, etc.). When integrated within your ERP, the mail status is fed into your business application.

Safely and securely archive sent documents.

Sent documents can be archived in a secure and dedicated infrastructure and accessible for up to 11 years to any authorized personnel from any location (access is secured using advanced login security policies). Your archived documents are always available, and a backup copy on digital media can also be requested.

Benefit from a worldwide network

Companies can quickly automate the processing and sending of business documents to customers, business partners and suppliers with no upfront IT investment thanks to Esker's cloud-based services. Learn more about Esker on Demand.

Documents submitted to the Esker on Demand platform are printed, stuffed into envelopes and handed off to the postal service in record time from Esker’s worldwide network of production facilities located in France, Belgium, Spain, the U.K., the U.S., Australia and Singapore.

Esker’s worldwide network of production facilities for document processing located in France, Belgium, Spain, the U.K., the U.S., Australia and Singapore - Esker Mail Service Solution

Start using Esker Mail Services today

An Internet connection and a web browser are all you need to get Esker Mail Services up and running on your desktop. Sign up today and get started immediately.


If you want to integrate Esker Mail Services into your ERP/business application, Esker is committed to providing you with the highest level of technical expertise in project implementation. Esker ensures that your business will achieve maximum value throughout every phase of solution delivery.

Esker mail services easily integrates to your ERP application - Esker Mail Service Solution


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