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Market Information
E-invoicing to public administrations in France

As of January 1, 2017, e-invoicing to French public administrations becomes mandatory for companies over 5,000 employees. This new mandate has been established according the EU Directive on e-invoicing and public procurement [2014/55/EU] which gives countries the possibility to implement local legislation requiring vendors to send e-invoices to public administrations. The EU’s goal is to make e-invoicing the predominant invoicing method in Europe by 2020.

Esker’s Accounts Receivable automation solution is capable of processing invoices, as well as communicate with Chorus Pro, the French administration’s platform.

Release Note
Online payment of customer invoices via SEPA Direct Debit

Esker’s customer portal now features a new payment option that enables your customers to conveniently pay via Direct Debit in Euros.

Facilitate your cash collection process and increase customer satisfaction by giving your customers self-service access to retrieve their invoices and pay directly online.

White Paper
Tax-Compliant Global Electronic Invoice Lifecycle Management: A TrustWeaver White Paper

In just over a year, the world of e-invoicing has gone through nothing less than a metamorphosis, sending shockwaves through global supply chains.

In its annual report, TrustWeaver explores some of the key global market trends in tax-compliant e-invoicing and their implications for businesses. The 2016 edition features:

  • A summary of the regulatory status in some 90 countries,
  • In-depth analysis of the ways tax authorities use e-invoices to increase collection rates,
  • Insight into the deployment of mandatory 'clearance' platforms in a growing number of countries,
  • Advice for companies on how to deal with intrusive government systems without losing competitiveness.
  • Stay on top of international trends in tax-compliant e-invoicing — download the 2016 TrustWeaver report now!

JUNE 2016
Market Information
E-invoicing to public administrations in Switzerland

As of January 1, 2016, all suppliers to Swiss public administrations, with contracts with a value equal to or greater than 5,000 Swiss francs, must send e-invoices. Esker can help businesses issue e-invoices that are compliant with Swiss legislative requirements.

Esker’s Accounts Receivable automation solution is capable of processing invoices, as well as communicate with Billexco, the Swiss administration’s platform.

JUNE 2016
Market Report
New 2016 E-Invoice Market Report

Learn all you need to know about the growing global e-invoicing market in the Billentis 2016 “E-Invoicing/E-Billing, Digitisation & Automation” report, including: market trends and changing environments (e.g., new government e-invoicing initiatives) and the growing need to support additional documents and processes beyond pure e-invoicing.

This market report provides up-to-date relevant information and guidance to successfully implement your e-invoicing project.

Additional content includes:
  • Esker’s COO highlights the benefits of taking a proactive approach to invoice and order processing automation in regards to B2G regulations
  • Two e-invoicing customer success stories: SALTI and Eurofeu

Direct and convenient customer communication

Esker’s customer portal now features a new chat function that enables you and your customers to conveniently exchange information and dialog in real time.

By giving your customers a direct line of communication to your Sales Admin, you can easily clear up any invoice discrepancies, quickly respond to any invoice-related questions and accelerate the overall invoicing process. All interactions and any shared information is stored along with the customer invoice and available for reference by both parties when needed.

Better communication results in happier customers and faster payment!

New customer portal interface branding

Esker on Demand customers now have the ability to brand their portal interface with their company logo and colors so their customers can immediately identify their corporate identity. Users will easily recognize the familiar color code and logo, resulting in increased portal adoption rates and faster transition to electronic documents. The customized branding functionality is available at no additional cost via a simple online configuration on their Esker on Demand account. From the interface customization menu, administrators can modify up to five sets of background and text colors used to display information in different areas of the interface.

Market Information
New requirements for invoicing to public administrations

Following the April 2014 directive on e-invoicing and public procurement, all vendors need to send e-invoices to public authorities in all European countries by 2020. If you work with public administrations in Spain, Italy or France, or plan to do so, it is crucial that the following dates for e-invoice compliance be respected:

  • Spain: As of January 2015, all invoices sent to the public sector must be e-invoices.
  • Italy: As of March 2015, all invoices sent to the public sector must be e-invoices.
  • France: Since January 1, 2012, suppliers have had the option of sending e-invoices to government ministries. The new directive eliminates this choice for the public sector (including local authorities and public institutions), making e-invoicing mandatory by 2017 for large accounts and 2020 for small to mid-sized businesses.

Esker can help anticipate this move, secure compliance and provide interoperability with all e-invoicing systems.

EESPA - The European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association

EESPA, the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association, is committed to increasing the visibility and supporting the development of electronic invoicing in Europe and just recently announced completion of its e-invoicing Model Interoperability Agreement. With this announcement, EESPA has achieved one of its key goals only 14 months after formal creation of the association.

The key objectives of the organization include:

  • Promoting interoperability and the creation of an interoperable eco-system
  • Advocating and supporting the wide adoption of e-invoicing and its benefits
  • Representing the industry, engaging in the public policy debate and recommending best practices within appropriate European forums
  • Providing services to its 50+ members

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