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Every aspect of accounts receivable.
All controlled in one complete solution.

Full-featured AR technology powered by TermSync™

Esker's complete AR solution powered by TermSync offers capabilities previously unavailable in the receivables market — a truly end-to-end AR experience for streamlining virtually every aspect of invoice delivery, customer portal and collections management.

Through a modern, user-friendly interface, both vendors and their customers benefit from full process control and visibility. Vendors can manage their entire AR workflow (much like a sales team uses CRM technology), while their customers are given access to a self-service web portal where they can make payments, pose questions, apply credits and more.



Improve customer relations thanks to a convenient, self-service web portal
Speed up customer payments and reduce collection disputes
Get valuable AR insights via management reports and other measurable data
Increase administrator efficiency by automating previously manual AR steps
Manage all post-sale collection interactions easily and electronically
Provide integrated payment functionality to customers, with options like autopay




Customers don't just appreciate the convenience of viewing information and performing tasks online — they fully expect it. In fact, research shows that 72% of people now prefer an online self-service option over phone and email support. Failure to offer such options means failing to meet customers' expectations.

Esker's complete AR solution powered by TermSync provides an online support center for everything invoice-related. Whether there's a need to view an open invoice, make a payment or seek additional help, the solution's user-friendly tools allow your customers to be more proactive in their response thanks to instant access.

-View invoice information
-Make payments
-Apply credits
-Manage W9s
-Send messages
-Ask questions
-Track vendor response time
-Request supporting documents
-File disputes


No more sticky notes, calendar reminders or spreadsheets — Esker's TermSync-powered AR solution allows businesses to bring their collections follow-up process into the 21st century. In addition to staying on top of post-sale collection interactions with customers, the solution also brings advanced analytics to the table, enabling AR departments to measure results, set goals and benchmark their progress.

Allow your team to work smarter and faster with customized workflow tools:

Payment reminder emails

Send out customized weekly emails reminding your customers about past-due and upcoming invoices as well as an updated list of their available credits.

Root cause analysis & deductions

Identify, track and categorize common root causes for late-paying customers, deductions management or other areas. This allows you to improve processes and identify early warnings signs of potential problems.

Task lists based on workflow rules

Enter your own workflow rules for how to follow up with past-due customers, helping your team prioritize which customers need to be contacted and ensuring that the policy is being followed.

Collections forecast

Predict your likelihood of getting paid before the end of the month on every outstanding invoice. In addition, set collection goals and track your progress.

Account lookups & call logging

Easily scan the call task list to view a complete snapshot of any customer account. After the customer is contacted, any notes and schedule follow-ups can be logged directly in the solution.

Payment plans

Keep your company from losing out on business or appearing inflexible — any payment arrangement you can think up can be incorporated in the solution and presented in easy-to-understand terms.

Management reports

Your data is automatically compiled into weekly, monthly and quarterly reports so that your team stays informed and provides a benchmark against their past performances.

Measure your performance with advanced analytics and insight

Monthly KPI report

Obtain an overview of your team's monthly performance compared to your average performance over the past six months to ensure your team is accountable and results are achievable.

Create your own customized reports

Create virtually any report you can dream up — simply select the criteria you're looking for and results are immediately shown, and can be saved and shared with other team members.



Discover how Esker can solve your AR processing problems.

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