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Accounts Receivable Automation Challenges

Why is automation necessary?

Manual production and distribution methods for processing paper invoices require a significant amount of time and investment. This can have a direct impact on overall profitability and hinder your company's processing efficiency by as much as 96%.

Symptoms of inefficient accounts receivable

High cost per invoice
Lengthy cash collection delays
High invoice processing error rates
Ineffective reporting and status updates
Customer dissatisfaction
Difficult to retrieve sent invoices


How manual processing negatively impacts your business

Paper invoices have to be printed and mailed.
- Costly equipment and maintenance
- High risk of error and lost invoices
- Lengthy invoice processing time
- No invoice tracking
Esker's network of mail production facilities handles document printing, folding and stuffing, and stamping and delivery to local postal services in less than 24 hours after the invoice is submitted for production.


How incorrect e-invoicing negatively impacts your business

E-invoicing implementation can be complex.

- Customers don’t accept e-invoices
- Customer relationship problems
- Noncompliance with country tax regulations

- E-invoices are not securely archived and difficult to retrieve

By delivering invoices according to preference, Esker enables companies to implement e-invoicing immediately while their customers can adapt at their own pace. Esker ensures secure electronic archiving for both supplier and customer invoices as well as e-invoice regulatory compliance in over 50 countries.



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