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AP Automation For Financial Shared SERVICES

Esker's Accounts Payable automation solution combines technologies such as intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow to seamlessly support your shared services center (SSC) model.

Increasingly, AP functions are being standardized through SSCs, not only to cut costs and increase operational efficiency but to improve vendor relations. The problem is, many businesses are only scratching the surface of potential gains.

Esker's cloud-based solution is easily scalable and consolidates even the most complex of AP operations without disruption, allowing your business to make continual improvements.

Why support your SSC with AP automation?

Manage workflow independently of your ERP/business applications.
Measure and improve your KPIs more effectively.
Simplify country code management and multi-language support.
Use real-time tracking to maintain visibility over any invoice.
Eliminate manual intervention from vendor invoice processing.
Easily extend automation to multiple business processes.


How AP automation works in a shared services model

An AP automation can be deployed centrally or locally. With Esker, scanned or electronic invoices are entered into an automated workflow for approval upon receipt. After dispatch, authorized personnel receive timely alerts prompting them to sign off to meet payment deadlines. When a PO-related invoice arrives, Esker uses 3-way matching to automatically check for the corresponding POs and good receipts.



Featured customers

Below is a select sample of companies who leveraged Esker’s Accounts Payable solution to support their SSC initiatives. Click on the logo to view the success story.

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