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Challenges in Accounts Payable

Manual steps in AP processing (keying in, review, coding and approval) are not only expensive and inefficient, they can also put your company’s credit rating and regulatory compliance at risk. Even so, nearly 80% of all vendor invoice activity is still paper-based.*

* The Aberdeen Group


Symptoms of poor AP performance

Limited control and visibility of process
Vendor and AP staff dissatisfaction
Missed vendor discounts and late penalties
Long reconciliation and payment cycles
Inaccurate and lengthy closes
Duplicate payments


How paper-based AP hurts your business

Data must be manually entered in accounting systems.
- Slowdowns in payment cycle
- Lower staff productivity
- Higher error rate
With Esker, scanned or electronic vendor invoices are automatically entered into an automated workflow for approval upon receipt — making nearly all manual entry unnecessary.
Approving an invoice is a long, multistep process.
- Fees for late payments
- Missed vendor discounts
- Difficulty tracking invoices
Instead of manual routing, processing and sign-off procedures, Esker automatically dispatches invoices to the appropriate business units where authorized personnel receive alerts prompting them to sign off on documents to meet payment deadlines.
Organizing and storing invoices is difficult.
- Risk of document loss/damage
- Time wasted filing/locating invoices
- High archive costs
No need to manually search through file cabinets — Esker electronically archives invoices for as long as you need, making them easily accessible to any authorized personnel from any location.


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