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Accounts Payable Automation Software

Make paper-free vendor invoice processing a reality

Accounts payable automation: Esker optimizes the process of verifying, entering vendor invoices and getting approval with intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities — helping your company save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships.

6 ways Esker improves vendor invoice processing

Delivers spend visibility from start to finish. Provides ERP-independent workflow. Eliminates human intervention via touchless invoice processing.
Processes multinational invoices in 120+ languages. Supports global initiatives with a locally deployed solution. Ensures accurate data capture regardless of invoice format.

The cure for quitting paper in AP

Limited efficiency, less visibility, low productivity ... are symptoms
of an unchecked paper habit affecting your AP performance?
Read Esker's guidebook to discover the 12 steps of going paper-free
with the help of our industry-leading AP automation solution.

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The more e-invoices you receive, the quicker the turnaround time and the more you are able to save.
Since one solution does not fit all your suppliers, you need to provide them with flexible options for e-invoice submission, as well as ensure compliance with local tax authorities. Ready to embark on the journey
to paper-free AP?

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Reduce operational costs via electronic purchasing
Esker optimizes spend requests and goods or services ordering by eliminating paper and manual processing steps. Save your company time and money with online purchase requisition and order forms, as well as company compliant and standardized approval workflow.

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Supplier self-service portal

Esker's new portal improves business efficiency and reduces the costs of supplying goods and services. Designed to optimize the buyer-supplier interaction in the P2P process, the portal provides transparency, speed and productivity that cannot otherwise be achieved using manual processes.

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Manage and approve invoice
payments on the go

Accounts payable automation: Wherever you are — in the airport, at a coffee shop, on the go — Esker’s mobile invoice approval application lets you easily manage and approve invoice payments 24/7 from your mobile Apple® device.

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Maximize your ERP investment

Our solution works with a wide range of ERP/business applications, making it easily adaptable
to your unique business needs. Learn more.



Learn about the downsides of manual AP processing.

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