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Fax Software or Fax Service


What type of fax solution is best for your organization? It's an important decision. Choosing a fax server or fax service can make a big difference in your control over faxing operations and costs. Whether you are looking to enhance or replace an existing fax system or if you want to integrate automated fax with an enterprise application, Esker can help you choose the right solution.


Choosing the best fax system for your business communications

Esker Fax Software solutions provide true enterprise solutions for sending, receiving, and routing high volumes of end-user and application-generated documents — all from a single server and without any modification to existing applications. As a tightly integrated central solution, Esker Fax Servers handle fax distribution automatically and continuously from your organization's network for complete IT control and flexibility to meet your company's specific business requirements.

Fax Software benefits:

  • Tight integration with local applications (Exchange, SAP, Oracle)
  • No manual intervention reduces fax time and costs
  • Reliable, efficient fax send and receiving directly from front- and back-office applications
  • Consolidated enterprise faxing simplifies IT infrastructure
  • IT retains control over in-house fax server with the ability to customize
  • Connect and fax-enable applications in hours rather than weeks
  • Never experience fax loss
  • Easily track and recover all faxes

Esker Fax Service solutions provide automatic faxing as a service fully integrated with business applications — without adding hardware or software. A simple pay-per-use pricing model makes your faxing costs straightforward and simple to gauge with no hidden costs such as maintenance, implementation and customization, training, and telecommunications expenses. With Esker Fax Services you're ready for any size fax job you need to send.


Fax Service benefits:

  • No manual intervention reduces fax time and costs
  • Fax directly from business applications
  • Real-time status available within business applications
  • Low up-front investment
  • No hardware or software maintenance costs
  • Minimized operating costs (no hidden costs)
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Pay-as-you-go cost efficiency
  • Service availability 24/7
  • Easily track and recover all faxes