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Esker VSI-FAX: Enable Your Unix- and Linux-based Systems

How does it work?

Esker VSI-FAX is a comprehensive, multi-platform fax software that enables faxing of any document from a large number of applications running on Linux, Unix, or Windows Server 2008/2012. Click here to download the complete list of supported OSes. Esker VSI-FAX offers more than 10 integration techniques used by most businesses. The Integrator's ToolKit includes a comprehensive Software Developers Kit (SDK), robust Command Line interface, Autosend directory, XML-F DTD, (VSIFAX) print driver and fax-to-email integration tools. Fax from any email client, route faxes directly to desktops, departments, and printers.


What are the benefits?

By employing Esker VSI-FAX integration technology, businesses can substantially increase productivity and reduce costs, all that with a fully scalable solution.

Powerful functionality, real results

Automatic document capture and routing

All faxing operations can be automated, completely eliminating manual handling. Documents can be routed to users or archived for later use. Long distance charges are minimized through call batching and fax scheduling.

  • Dramatically reduced document delivery costs
  • No maintainance or training costs
  • Staff focused on profit-driving tasks

Integrates to any application

The VSI-FAX Integrator's ToolKit helps systems integrators, Value Added Resellers (VARs), and IT professionals to integrate fax into any application, enabling centralized inbound and outbound fax management.

  • Any application fax enabled
  • Secure and seamless faxing
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications — ideal for OEMs

Real-time tracking and reporting

The system provides immediate status and detailed reports on fax delivery, process time and fax traffic.

Fax status is maintained for each fax to provide immediate feedback to users as Esker VSI-FAX processes and sends the message.

  • Immediate notification of fax status
  • No lost faxes
  • Clear vision to balance workloads and identify process bottlenecks

Fax on Demand ready

Flexible faxing capacity is available as required through Esker outsourced fax solution. Expand fax capacity without additional hardware or dedicated phone lines. Peak faxing such as end-of- month invoice batches are easily handled. Fax uptime is ensured with Esker Cloud Fax Services an additional failover option.

  • Unlimited capacity
  • Service availability 24/7/365
  • Low up-front investment
  • Real-time status available within business applications
  • Pay-as-you-go cost efficiency
  • Easy fax tracking and recovery

Request the latest version of Esker VSI-FAX

Thank you for your interest in VSI-FAX. If you have an active Esker Technical Support and Maintenance Plan and already have your 6.2 licensing information (serial number), please use the Upgrade Request Form.

You may download an evaluation copy directly from this Web site.