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Sales Order Processing for ERP Applications

Esker DeliveryWare makes it easy to integrate best-practice sales order processing solution with major ERP solutions. With the Sales Order Processingt Module, CSRs benefit from end-to-end capabilities for receiving, entering and tracking customer orders — encompassing automated capture and posting, routing for exception handling and detailed reporting.


Esker DeliveryWare combines dynamic content capture with integrated workflow and process tracking to help ERP users address the challenges of manual data entry, manual paper routing, lack of coordination and lack of transparency within traditional customer order processing as part of the order-to-cash cycle.

How the Sale Order Processing Module works

When a fax, email, paper or electronic order arrives, Esker DeliveryWare captures data such as customer number, product part number and due date for routing and indexing. No predefined templates are needed. Captured data is automatically validated against ERP data, and then transferred to ERP order management application.


An image of the sales order is directly linked to the new business transaction, allowing users to view original documents without leaving the ERP system whenever it may be necessary. The document may be physically stored within Esker DeliveryWare content management solution or other archiving systems. Confirmation can be automatically sent to the customer upon creation of the entry in the ERP. The solution keeps track of all incoming documents all the way through to their creation in the ERP; allowing process monitoring and control. In addition the automation to the process guaranties its consistency.


Key features


    Esker DeliveryWare regroups all the necessary feature in order to automate sales order processing of all companies:
  • Automation of order details into your ERP system
  • Real-time availability of order status and transaction data
  • Consistent processing rules
  • Controlled exception handling for canceled transactions and blocked orders
  • Order validation including side-by-side view of original and captured data
  • Duplicate order checking
  • Process history and audit trail
  • Central point of information for all customer order management processes
  • Flexible, automated task routing
  • Minimized number of keystrokes to complete order entry
  • Reports on process time and volume, queued orders, exceptions and blocks, delivery dates

By taking keystrokes out of the process and bringing visibility to the process, the Order Management Module delivers immediate additional return on investment. ERP users benefit from a fully optimized process for faster order fulfillment and payment, more effective sales administration and more satisfied customers.

  • Lower order-to-cash process costs by up to 70%
  • Receive and enter customer orders up to 65% faster
  • Improve cash flow and lower Days Sales Outstanding
  • Reduce stored data costs by electronic archiving
  • Increase data entry accuracy by as much as 99%
  • Reduce order errors and fulfillment delays
  • Help increase customer satisfaction levels
  • Free-up staff time by as much as 65%
  • Access to reporting and analysis to balance workloads and identify process bottlenecks
OCR Combining optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark recognition (OMR), barcode recognition and handwriting recognition (ICR) – The Esker Image Recognition Module extracts data from the image of any  business document entering as a fax, an email attachment or a scanned document. 
Dynamic Document Capture

The Dynamic Document Capture (DDC) feature facilitates the automatic processing of electronic or scanned semi-structured documents, such as invoices, sales orders, shipping papers, etc.

Business Rules Engine The Esker DeliveryWare Rules Engine is at the heart of the Esker Document Process Automation solutions. Based on proven and patented technologies, it allows the automation of virtually any paper-based Business Process in any type of organization.

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Extracting value from business documents
This datasheet describes the technology provided by Esker DeliveryWare to intelligently extract data from non structured documents.



Optimize inbound sales order processing

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