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Why Choose a Fax Server Software?

Fax is a strategic communication channel, yet many organizations do not manage it as such. Often, no one is responsible for the fax machine maintenance and supplies, the phone bill, the lost time for employees manually printing and faxing.

Is it time you started paying attention to this mission critical communication channel?

Esker Fax Server Software provides organizations with a single enterprise-wide fax solution offering flexibility and productivity.

Whether you are looking for a company-wide production fax server, a software solution to send and receive fax from Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, a Unix/Linux fax server, or a solution to send and receive Fax within SAP applications, Esker has the right solution to automate your fax communication from any of your applications.

Fax server software benefits

Cost reduction

  • Fewer manual tasks resulting in reducing labor costs
  • Reduces cost of faxing by up to 70%
  • 90% reduction in time required to send and receive faxes

Improve productivity

  • Send and receive fax from any front- and back-office applications
  • Spend time on core business, not standing at the fax machine
  • Explore e-document delivery opportunities with an easy upgrade of all Esker Fax Server solutions to Esker DeliveryWare

Simplify IT infrastructure

  • Reduce overheads, minimize costs, and ensure future scalability by consolidating enterprise fax requirements with Esker fax solutions
  • No integration time; connect and fax-enable your applications in hours instead of weeks

Reliability and robustness

  • Never experience fax loss with Esker fax solutions. Track and recover any of your faxes.
  • There are over 80,000 Esker fax solutions in use worldwide

Fax Server Virtualization

Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your Fax operations with our Fax server virtualization solutions.


  • Lower the cost of operating Fax Servers by up to 40%
  • Complete analysis of large scale fax infrastructure consolidations in days, rather than months
  • Keep your services up and running
  • Balance supply and demand based on your business priorities
  • Get new services, software and applications up and running faste
  • Reduce costs and increase agility at the same time


Choosing the right fax server software

Fax technologies offer substantial opportunities to streamline business processes and reduce costs. However, choosing the right enterprise fax solution can be difficult. The criteria for finding the right fax server software solution to meet your business needs should include: comprehensive capabilities, proven reliable, modular design, scalability, and a clear return on investment.

All the following Esker fax server software solutions meet these essential criteria:

As the world enterprise grade leading fax server software solution provider, with support and sales offices worldwide, Esker is ready to deliver world-class solutions for your business.