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Automated Sales Order Processing with Oracle E-Business Suite ERP Solution

Esker’s Order Processing solution seamlessly integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite, enabling companies to easily switch to paperless order processing and achieve greater efficiency and productivity across every phase of order processing operations.

The integration capabilities of Esker’s solution are built on proven Oracle technology and APIs, providing customers with a reliable ERP integration and offering IT departments the peace of mind they require during rollouts of new technologies.

Oracle E-Business Suite customers can leverage the value they have invested in their ERP system while taking advantage of specific features and benefits, including:

  • Automated master data synchronization
  • Order creation and confirmation
  • Order archive link directly available in Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Reliable and seamless integration
  • Minimal IT involvement, leading to faster go-live
  • Continuous maintenance and updates

EDI exceptions automation in SAP

Esker's Order Processing solution automates EDI orders with exceptions in SAP by generating human-readable IDoc orders, taking into account more than 4,000 possible EDI fields in the IDoc format. The Esker-generated PDF orders can then be corrected and validated by any CSR without technical IT knowledge. Similarly to fax or email orders, Esker's auto-learning and teaching technologies allow automatic correction of EDI orders with exceptions.

Thanks to automated EDI exceptions handling, EDI orders with error are no longer stuck in SAP and CSRs can process them with full autonomy, without IT involvement and, ultimately, SLAs are respected for all orders, even the most problematic EDI orders.

JULY 2016
Multi-ERP integration allows users to simultaneously create orders in different ERP systems while maintaining full order visibility

Following M&As, companies often have a variety of ERP systems in place. Even when the company engages in an application rationalization process, switching to a different ERP system can take years. Esker’s Order Processing automation solution allows users to simultaneously integrate with multiple ERP systems, alleviating the pain when setting up an automation solution in a hybrid ERP environment. Esker customers are able to move quickly into production without the IT headaches. Additionally, the multi-ERP integration allows users to maintain full visibility on all orders, no matter what ERP they’re in.

New interface branding feature helps increase user adoption

Order Processing customers on the Esker on Demand platform now have the ability to customize their interface with their company logo and colors to match their company’s corporate identity. Employees will better identify with a familiar look, resulting in increased adoption rates. The personalized branded interface facilitates companies’ automation initiatives and new IT tool implementations by making solution users feel more at home.

Additionally, for customers connecting to the portal, a familiar corporate identity will help them immediately recognize their partner.

The customized branding functionality is available to administrators at no additional cost via a simple online configuration on the Esker on Demand account.

Esker's Order Processing solution offers increased flexibility with the ability to manage multiple configurable order layouts.

Esker automates the processing of configurable orders and revolutionizes the way businesses process configurable material orders (e.g., configurable bill of materials (CBOM), super bill of materials (Super BOM), configurable materials (CMAT), or konfigurable materials (KMAT) in an SAP environment). This solution enhancement specifically addresses the difficulties of processing complex layouts or multilevel BOM encountered in the manufacturing of configured products and build-to-order (BTO) industries.

Esker enables companies to specify different order processes for each customer or order type. The ability to define custom order types to meet specific order processing requirements speeds up the order process, reduces errors associated with manual tasks and frees up CSR time for more value-added tasks.

MAY 2015
Esker's new customer portal enables your customers to easily and securely send and track their orders with complete autonomy.

In addition to sending fax, email and EDI orders, your customers can now place orders directly online via the new customer portal. With real-time access to product and order information, customers get essential data quicker and at their own convenience.

Via the portal, customers can directly:

  • Order from your catalog of services and/or products
  • Track orders in real time
  • Communicate directly with your CSRs
  • Manage their shipping preferences
  • Archive and retrieve past orders

Increase customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention thanks to an open line of communication and a range of self-service options.

New Customer Issue Management Tool Completes Order Processing Solution and Improves Global Customer Satisfaction.
CSR teams can now manage customer issues while maintaining full visibility over the whole order process, from order creation to product reception.

New functionalities include:

  • Customer issues are created and tracked on the same interface CSRs are accustomed to using on a daily basis.
  • New consolidated reports enable managers to analyze, detect and quickly fix global process weaknesses.
  • Newly created issues are linked to archived orders. Both can be retrieved in Document Manager whenever needed.
  • New counter lets users know how many issues are pending resolution.
  • Supporting documents can be attached to an issue to clarify matters and facilitate resolution (e.g., emails, pricing information, contracts, etc.).
  • Duplicate claims are detected to prevent users from creating the same claim twice.
  • Approval workflows for different situations can be configured to meet a company’s specific needs.
  • Past issues are archived and available at any time so that users can apply solutions used in prior incidents to similar new claims.

Not just a pretty face. A totally new and enhanced user experience.
New interface combines a fresh look and feel with enhanced usability.

Order processing users can enjoy a new interface featuring an updated look and feel, designed to create a more engaging user experience. The solution home page features dashboards tailored to users' needs. The colors, buttons and layout have all been revamped so that essential information is easier to find, easier to use, and more pleasing to the eye.

Daily activity management.

CSRs and CSR managers know exactly how much work is left and can manage priorities thanks to automatically refreshed metrics. Visual warnings can be set to alert users when a limit is reached so they can react quickly.

Long-term performance and forecast.

Key performance indicators are available directly on the home page. CSR managers can easily follow their team’s capacity and business performance, identify their order processing weaknesses, better manage resources, analyze sales activity and trends and make well-informed decisions. And because it is packaged with the application, it removes any potential IT headaches. Users are free to add or remove indicators and metrics at their convenience.

Fast and easy search. Finding orders has never been easier.

The search bar is more easily accessible to ensure users can quickly find the right order when needed. The interface changes make the search more intuitive and the search engine has been updated to provide more efficient and more rapidly displayed results.

Enhanced Sales Order Processing capabilities with Esker DeliveryWare 6.0

The release of Esker DeliveryWare 6.0, the on-premise document process automation platform from Esker, brings new features for sales order processing automation to further enhance order management for on-premise customers.

New functionalities include:
  • The ability to automatically detect urgent orders based on identified key words in the document. These urgent orders are routed differently and treated with priority (and by a special team, if necessary). Additionally, specific reports can be generated for increased visibility into urgent orders.
  • A new tool to monitor duplicate orders which prevents the processing and sending of duplicate orders.
  • Document annotation capabilities to enable users to add comments to the order for other users or for record purposes.
  • The ability to identify supporting order processing documents as soon as they arrive and ensure they are kept with the order. The OCR step is not required and is therefore skipped, eliminating any unnecessary use of processing resources.
  • Improved email order management, which enables users to refer to the original email if an email attachment cannot be read.
  • More than 50% increase in system performance over previous versions, making order validation quicker and easier for order-taking employees.

New functionalities for Sales Order Processing automation

Esker announces the availability of new features for Sales Order Processing automation to further enhance order management.

New functionalities includes:
  • The ability to automatically detect urgent orders based on identified key words in the document. These urgent orders are routed differently and treated with priority (and by a special team, if necessary). Additionally, specific reports can be generated for increased visibility into urgent orders.
  • A new tool to monitor duplicate orders which prevents the processing and sending of duplicate orders.
  • The ability to identify related documents to ensure they are kept with the order, skipping the OCR step and avoiding unnecessary use of processing resources.

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