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A single solution for achieving order management excellence

Automating the purchase order process allows companies to streamline the capturing, submitting, approving and fulfilling of customer orders. The result? Reduced order processing time, better accuracy and control, real-time visibility into each order and higher customer satisfaction rates - all of which equate to a greater competitive advantage and business profitability.


Esker automates sales order entry & provides valuable insight into when an order arrives, its location in the ERP system and even next steps in the process - Order Processing Solution Benefits

Using one universal and source-independent platform, Esker automates sales order entry and the entire sales order process, providing valuable insight into when an order arrives, its location in the ERP system and even next steps in the process.

With 100% electronic order handling and processing, the purchase order processing cycle is shortened, the number of lost or incorrectly entered orders is dramatically reduced, employee productivity increases and customer issues are resolved much faster.

Customized to your needs: on-demand or on-premises

Esker offers customers two convenient options for deploying sales order processing automation with minimal interfacing or support - on-premises using the Esker DeliveryWare platform or in the cloud using the SaaS-based Esker on Demand platform.


Esker provides all of the technologies needed to easily and seamlessly automate the sales order process. What's more, Esker's intelligent content recognition and data extraction capabilities perform better than standard OCR and templates alone. Here's how


How Esker's sales order processing solution works - Order Processing Solution Benefits


Received customer orders are automatically routed based on relevant order information.


The solution finds and extracts all relevant data from the received document and creates the sales order in the ERP system.


Exceptions are automatically detected, with customer service reps only having to verify if it's accurate or if something is missing.


The order is automatically put into a workflow when exceptions occur or approvals are necessary.


Order data is integrated into the ERP system; a copy of the original is attached and available at any time.

Track & E-Collaboration

Orders are visible at any stage of the purchase order process, making it easy to run reports or measure metrics.


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