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FlyDoc Web Services Integration

FlyDoc Web Services is a standard and multi-support development platform, compatible with any interface or programming tool. By using FlyDoc Web Services, you will be able to programmatically access the FlyDoc servers to submit and track postal mail and fax online.

How to use FlyDoc Web Services?

FlyDoc Web Services is compliant with SOAP and WSDL standards.

Once you have downloaded the WSDL files, and using your favorite Web service-enabled development environment, you can build client applications that use standard Web service protocols to programmatically:

  • Log into the FlyDoc servers
  • Convert and preview the documents to send (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .txt, .tif)
  • Submit documents to be sent by the FlyDoc service using various delivery methods (mail, fax, SMS and email)
  • Use various document recognition rules
  • Track and manage the submitted documents (status, statistics, queries, etc.)


FlyDoc Web Services implementation

The FlyDoc API is divided into three Web Services:

  • The SessionService allows the client to authenticate itself and open a session context that will be used with other services. This is the first service you need to instantiate, as it is an entry point to all other services.
  • The SubmissionService allows the client to submit documents, generate previews, and upload resources and attachments on the servers.
  • The QueryService allows the client to access and manage the documents submitted to the servers.


How to get started

To start integrating FlyDoc into your application or web site, follow three simple steps:

Note: Prepaid packs are not suitable for FlyDoc Web Services.

Please click here to open a test account for FlyDoc Web Services



Downloads and documentation

In the Downloads section, you will find links to download the necessary WSDL files to integrate into your application and samples of use of the FlyDoc Web Services, as well as documentation.



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