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Send all your documents in just one click

Whether it's mail, fax, email or SMS, Esker's automated online service allows businesses
to send any document with ease while benefitting from real-time tracking capabilities.





Postal Mail

Hundreds of companies rely on FlyDoc to handle their business mail: It's flexible, affordable and convenient.

FlyDoc handles document printing, stuffing, stamping and delivery to the postal service — so you can focus on your business.

With FlyDoc online mail services you can:

  • Save time and money
  • Gain more flexibility than a mail house
  • Speed up invoicing time
  • Mail directly from desktop applications
  • Group documents for the same recipient in one envelope
  • Use advanced document tracking
  • Track and analyze mailings with FlyDoc Manager

  • 24# White
  • Black & white or full-color printing
  • Single and duplex printing
  • White, two windows
  • #10, 6”x9” and 9”x12”
  • First Class

Outbound Faxing

FlyDoc transforms your computer into the most convenient fax solution imaginable. Send faxes from desktop, ERP, CRM and business applications in just a few clicks.

With FlyDoc online fax services you can:

  • Save time and money
  • Schedule faxes
  • Monitor fax jobs with the FlyDoc Manager
  • Leverage a worldwide network based on leading technology
  • Make faxing secure and reliable

Inbound Faxing

In addition to sending faxes from desktop, ERP and CRM applications, FlyDoc makes it easy to receive faxes in your email.


Benefit from a worldwide network

Faxes submitted to the Esker on Demand platform are processed from Esker's worldwide network of data centers located in the U.S., France and Australia. All are equipped with dedicated lines for sending and receiving faxes; France and the U.S. feature high-availability cluster technology with internal redundancy.


Send emails without bandwidth limitations

FlyDoc's bandwidth is capable of handling email jobs ranging from a few hundred to several million messages, and because FlyDoc is a multi-channel service, you can use the same interface for postal mail, fax and email campaigns. Highly calibrated email servers deliver your messages in a timely manner.

With FlyDoc email services you have:

  • Advanced parameters
  • No database sharing
  • Consistent results regardless of job size
  • Real-time tracking of your email messages
  • Detailed reports for campaign analysis



Send SMS messages without constraints

Quickly and efficienty send SMSs to all your business partners, suppliers, vendors, stockholders and others. Whether you need to send 1 or 10,000 SMSs, FlyDoc enables you to send and manage your messages directly from your desktop.

With FlyDoc online SMS services you can:

  • Create SMSs on your desktop
  • Schedule sending at your convenience
  • Manage your SMS alerts
  • Generate detailed reports for campaign analysis










Quickly, easily and reliably submit your postal mail, fax, email and SMSs to be processed from any desktop application.

Connect transparently to your business applications with Web Services

Combine your expertise with FlyDoc technology to enrich your application with additional functionality including postal mail delivery, fax, email and SMS using Web Services.  

  • Web Services or API
    A standard open solution to benefit from all the power of FlyDoc right out of your application.

Web Services information and download

OEM, FlyDoc technology with your branding

FlyDoc offers a complete online web application that can be customized with your corporate colors, allowing you to offer your customers all the functionalities of FlyDoc from your application.


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FlyDoc delivers all types of business documents (e.g., invoices, reminder letters, business correspondence, marketing collateral etc.) via mail, fax, email or SMS.

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Track delivery status in real time: Each document is tracked via a unique identifier, enabling online access to any sent document at any stage in the process. Traceability and process integrity are supported via bar codes added to each page for documents and acknowledgements for faxes. Monitor delivery with dashboards and custom reporting capabilities.


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FlyDoc automatically archives your documents in a secure and dedicated infrastructure for two months.
For customers with an entreprise agreement, sent documents can be archived for up to 11 years to any authorized personnel from any location. Your archived documents are always available, and a backup copy on digital media can also be requested.



FlyDoc Manager

FlyDoc Manager web portal monitors the progress of all your mail, fax and email jobs. You can quickly create customized reports to track your jobs and even analyze messages on a granular level. FlyDoc Manager also gives you powerful administration tools so you can effectively manage your FlyDoc account.

FlyDoc Manager makes it easy for you to:

  • Send mail, fax and email (directly from the web)
  • Track your jobs and messages
  • Manage your account

Send mail, fax and email

FlyDoc Manager will guide you through the simple point-and-click process of sending mail, faxes and email. The process is quick and easy, and allows you to not overlook any details.

Track your jobs and messages

FlyDoc Manager tracks each and every document sent via FlyDoc and stores the data in an online archive for 60 days. With a customizable reporting feature you can analyze the success rate of large jobs and sort individual messages. Not only will you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your documents were sent and received, you can use the reports on any failed addresses to update your database. And, if you’d like to monitor emails on a granular level, you can pull data such as date and time opened and number of times opened.

Manage your account

Your entire organization can benefit from FlyDoc — but how do you track all those users? With the FlyDoc Manager you can create accounts, configure profiles for groups or departments and control account privileges. As administrator, you can create reports to track the usage of accounts and groups which can be especially helpful for billing purposes.



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