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Document Process Automation for SAP

Get the best in SAP®
document process automation

Automate the flow of data and documents directly in your SAP system using a single, integrated point
of support. Our suite of automation solutions compatible with an SAP environment include:


Esker Cloud Fax
Services for SAP
Esker Mail Services
for SAP
Esker Fax Server
for SAP



Accounts Payable

Receive and enter invoices without manual intervention, while gaining 100% visibility during routing and tracking — all within your SAP system. Esker captures the invoices, reads and processes them according to rules built into the platform, and creates the invoice in SAP Financial Accounting (FI). Esker is the first complete software as a service (SaaS) solution fully integrated with SAP.

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Order Processing

Automatically route orders to the appropriate staff for electronic approval, while giving management full visibility into order statuses before they enter SAP. Documents are automatically archived — inside the Esker solution, your in-house SAP Content server or any existing archive — and linked back into SAP.

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Accounts Receivable

Archive, access and send invoices at the touch of a button directly in SAP, regardless of customer delivery preferences. Users can attach documents outside the SAP system, and send out complete packages of documents in any format, without leaving the SAP interface. SAP Business ByDesign customers can automate the sending and archiving of paper and electronic invoices directly from SAP Business ByDesign. Paper invoices are delivered to the worldwide postal service in less than 24 hours, and e-invoices are sent in compliance with regulations in more than 40 countries.

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Esker Cloud Fax Services for SAP

Gain the benefits of sending fax as a service without installing software to integrate automated faxing into SAP. Documents are submitted from the SAP interface and sent to an Esker production facility through a secure connection. Once received, they are processed and faxed according to user specifications, and made visible in real time in SAP. SAP Business ByDesign customers benefit from all the advantages of Esker Cloud Fax Services — rather than printing on a local printer and sending documents from a fax machine, users can fax directly from SAP Business ByDesign in just a few clicks.

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Esker Mail Services for SAP®

Send postal mail as a service — fully integrated with SAP solutions — without having to add hardware or software. Documents are sent directly from SAP to an Esker production facility where they are printed, folded, stamped and handed off to the postal service in less than 24 hours. Once handed off, a mail status is fed into SAP, updated in real time and made visible to users. SAP Business ByDesign customers benefit from all the advantages of Esker Mail Services — rather than printing on a local printer, any document created from SAP Business ByDesign is sent through a virtual printer. Esker Mail Services is SAP's first solution partner for online postal mail services.

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Esker Fax Server for SAP®

Esker Fax Server for SAP® gives your business the power of faxing completely integrated with SAP applications. Esker offers a connector for SAP applications that allows the sending and receiving of documents directly from and into SAP Workstations, including the most commonly used business documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, and account statements.

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SAP-certified integration

Esker is an SAP® software solution and technology partner with certified integrations,
which guarantees external output integration within your SAP system.


Benefits of SAP partnership

SAP technology and application expertise
Solutions preconfigured for SAP
Direct access to incoming documents in SAP
Applications developed and tested for SAP
SAP master data and routines leveraged
Outbound communication status back in SAP


Esker's SAP customers

Medrad Inc. creates paperless environment using Esker's Customer Order Processing solutions - Customer Case Study

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