Esker and Cincom iD Solutions form worldwide alliance to deliver iD Pulse solution

iD Pulse offers highly personalized customer document creation and delivery solution

Stillwater, OK, May 24, 2001 - Esker® and Cincom Systems® have partnered to provide a comprehensive information delivery solution for the enterprise incorporating Esker's Pulse™ and Cincom's iD Solutions™. Cincom will offer Pulse as part of its iD Solutions, a complete cross-platform software solution for highly personalized document creation, production, printing, routing, archiving and content management. Released in February 2001, Pulse is a versatile solution for the intelligent multi-channel delivery of business-critical information.

Founded in 1968, Cincom Systems is an international software vendor addressing business document personalization needs and is classed among the 30 leading software manufacturers worldwide. The products developed and sold by Cincom iD Solutions, a division of Cincom Systems, permit the automation of document creation and production, tailored to varying volumes and complexities. Esker is a leading provider of communication software and focuses on Intelligent Information Delivery™ (IID) as well as Host Access solutions.

During the first phase of this partnership, Esker and Cincom insured the technological compatibility of their respective solutions and conducted market surveys to study the document delivery needs of their customers. The surveys revealed an increasing demand - particularly among banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions - to transform documents into comprehensive, multi-channel communication tools as a strategy for improving customer relations. iD Pulse will offer Cincom's customers a unique and complete solution that meets their complex requirements in high volume production environments.

As announced at the recent Xplor show in Brighton, UK, Cincom and Esker plan to jointly market iD Pulse worldwide. "In an economy where customer loyalty is quickly becoming a thing of the past, financial organizations are continually having to find ways to cut costs while increasing levels of customer service," says Eric Thomas, vice president of European business development for Esker. "iD Pulse is the solution that offers the flexibility of an innovative communications solution and has the power to literally transform any business document into a truly personalized message."

"With this new offering we will be able to help our clients to transform their documents into a real multi-channel communication tool and as such to contribute to the improvement of their customer relationship management strategies," states Paul Boggis, European partners program manager at Cincom iD.

Guy de Torcy, European marketing director at Cincom iD, comments "One of the key benefits of the technological revolution has been in opening up new channels and making communication a great deal easier and quicker. For example, financial institutions must capitalize on electronic methods of communication to improve customer service and gain competitive advantage. iD Pulse helps build customer relations and reduce costs by allowing organizations to automate and personalize the delivery of documents previously tied to costly and sub-optimal delivery methods".

About Cincom
Cincom has been developing and marketing software to simplify complex businesses for over 30 years. Cincom serves thousands of customers on five continents, offering mission-critical software ranging from customer relationship management, document production and enterprise manufacturing applications, to solutions for application development and database management systems.

Cincom iD address business document personalization needs on the Web, email, on paper, and through other delivery channels. Cincom iD enables organizations to automate the creation, production, assembly, output, and archiving of high-volume, personalized business documents.

Today, approximately 2,500 customers world-wide use Cincom iD to produce letters, policies, contracts, statements, and customer-service correspondence. Cincom iD provides offerings that intelligently automate, support, and enhance the entire business document life cycle. They are fully scalable, provide departmental as well as enterprise-wide solutions, and will operate in almost any environment and on almost any platform. Cincom iD clients include: Barclays Bank, HSBC, Prudential, American Express, Bertelsmann AG, USA Group, Allstate Insurance Company, GE Capital, National Australia Life, TSB and Winterthur.

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About Esker Software
Esker Software solutions enable intelligent access to and delivery of core business information from any data source, in any format, to any recipient. Organizations use Esker software to streamline information exchange, open new channels of communication, and achieve business objectives with new levels of speed and efficiency. Esker extends the reach of information technologies and shortens the distance between people and information. The company's products include:

  • Faxgate® and Pulse™ for Intelligent Information Delivery
  • SmarTerm®, Tun® Plus, Persona®, Corridor for Active Server, and Corridor Wireless for host access

The company was founded in 1985 and is traded on the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché: 3581). In 2000, it reported sales of 27.4 million Euros (about $25.9 million). In September 2000, Esker finalized an agreement to acquire VSI, a California-based developer of fax server solutions. Esker's operations span North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific with about 300 employees and an installed base of two million licensed users worldwide. For more information, visit:


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