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Cloud Fax Services

Esker Cloud Fax Services deliver the flexibility, performance and reliability organizations running business applications need — with no hardware or software investment. Companies benefit from seamless and secure integration with ERP/business applications such as SAP, real-time fax status notification and 24/7 fax service availability.

6 ways you benefit from Esker Cloud Fax Services

Send faxes from any ERP application (including SAP). Utilize SAP-certified integration with SAP NetWeaver. Leverage Esker-hosted and maintained infrastructure.
Track your faxes in real time. Save money with least-cost routing. Handle any fax volume with virtually unlimited capacity.

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Surviving the danger zones
of traditional faxing

On any given day, faxing operations can make life
downright disastrous for the average IT professional.
Now, there's a way out. This suvival guide helps you
navigate common danger zones in traditional fax
by pointing you in the right direction: the cloud.

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Cloud faxing in the healthcare industry

Nowhere is fast and secure document processing more important than in healthcare. Discover why so many healthcare providers are using cloud fax services to modernize their information management systems.

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Maximize your ERP investment

Esker Cloud Fax Services is simple to use and works with any desktop or ERP/business application,
making it easily adaptable to your unique business needs. Learn more.



Find out why so many companies are moving their faxing to the cloud.

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